The truth about the end of October 15?

It is reported that October 15 is the end of the world or the "true end of the world", the event will last for nearly a month.

There is information that this is due to the abnormal impact arising due to the fact that it will move west of Jupiter and both celestial bodies emit a lot of heat at the same time. In this connection, active chemical reactions will begin to occur on Jupiter's surface. This will result in space emitting a large amount of hydrogen gas, which in turn can cause explosions above.

As a result, the Sun will sharply increase the temperature, but after about a few weeks this planet will return to its normal state. At the same time, the Earth may be immersed in darkness for at least a week.

However, it is worth noting that rumors about this have appeared online from various sources since 2012.

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The earth may be immersed in darkness for at least a week.

What does NASA say?

According to The Sun, this rumor became more and more grounded when earlier this year, NASA discovered a new planet in the solar system, dubbed the Ninth Planet. The planet is 10 times larger. our earth.

NASA's Planetary Science Director Jim Green said: "It's too early to be sure about planet X".

The airline has repeatedly warned of rumors about Nibiru as a "trick on the internet". According to NASA: "This mysterious planet Nibiru doesn't exist, so there won't be any collisions."

The rumors about Nibiru have been around for years and it has been reused many times as new misunderstandings to attract public opinion. There is no actual basis for these misconceptions. If Nibiru or planet X is real and capable of colliding with the earth, astronomers have discovered and followed them for at least decades. Certainly, it cannot be detected with the naked eye. Obviously, this planet does not exist.

Nick Pope, the journalist who had the opportunity to work with the US Department of Defense's UFO research agency, agrees with NASA's point of view. He said: 'The problem is, if some mysterious 12th planet really collides with the earth, we can already see them.'

Earlier, conspiracy theorists gave a forecast. Nibiru, also called, once thought to collide with the Earth and cause the apocalypse on September 23, NASA insisted that it could not happen and the truth had passed gently.

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