The world's largest cargo balloon

Worldwide Aeros, the United States has unveiled the largest cargo transport balloon ever, capable of carrying up to 250 tons of cargo.

The giant balloon is called the Aeroscraft , which is equipped with advanced technologies, allowing the control center to operate the flight better than the previous generation of air balloons. In addition, Igor Pasternak, the founder of the company, found a way to compress helium gas, allowing the ship to control its weight.

Picture 1 of The world's largest cargo balloon
The zerlin balloon named Aeroscraft prepares for the first test flight - (Photo:Daily Mail)

Aeroscraft seems very fragile, but outside the balloon is coated with a layer of self-healing and bulletproof features. Aeroscraft can take off and land vertically, like helicopters, anywhere and do not need an official runway. It can even take off and land on the water, this feature is very suitable when using them in a war zone or a disaster area.

The average speed of Aeroscraft is about 115 mph, much slower than a jet. However, the cost of a freight is cheaper than a plane and faster than a ship. Compared to cargo aircraft, Aeroscraft consumes only about 1/3 of fuel.

According to Business Insider, this giant balloon is designed thanks to the US Government grant (US $ 3 million). The US government believes that this balloon will create a revolution in the global freight market.

In addition, Aeroscreft is extremely useful for military and charitable organizations in rescue operations in areas with underdeveloped infrastructure.

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