'Atlant' hot air balloon: New trend in balloon manufacturing

The military version of the 'Atlant' hot air balloon, which is being developed by Russia's 'Avgur' Aviation Center, fits perfectly with the new concept of building a military with flexible combat capabilities. Applying this type of flying device will expand the ability to transport landing troops, military goods and create air command stations.

>>>Project Atlant: A unique hybrid air balloon

Through the use of thrust of engines and a unique system that controls gravity ballast equipment, 'Atlant' can become heavier or lighter. Unlike the classic version, the new airship should not carry ballast load, this is the 'technology secret'. Company spokesman 'Avgur' Aviation Center Aleksei Mitrofanov said:

'This is a new style balloon. We call the new generation balloon a hybrid product , it will be about 60% lighter than air, and 40% of the lift will be ensured by the thrust of the engine and the ballast control device. '.

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Atlant Airship.(Photo: rosaerosystems.ru)

Hot air balloon with several tens of tons of goods must arrive at the destination. In order to adjust the lift force during the flight it is necessary to bring ballast or need to pour helium. If talking about ballast load, for example, water or bulk particle load, it is a big problem especially in tundra or taiga in winter, and helium cannot be poured. Experts have found another solution: using air as a ballast load: air is pumped into the balloon, then compressed, compressed air is heavier than air.

If necessary, some air can be deflated. The new device has the same structure as the classic hot air balloon, has a hard wall structure, it is designed to transport goods and passengers to remote areas. The new Russian balloon is designed in two versions - payloads of 16 tons and 40 tons. Mr. Aleksei Mitrofanov said: ' The shell of the balloon will be made of hard materials, perhaps composite materials. Metal-covered frame.

Experts are choosing materials. Inside there will be cylinder compartments. The 'Atlant' balloon is pure transportation. In air defense systems and delivery stations that use other equipment, other types of mass-produced balloons in Russia. '

The average speed of the 'Atlant' - 120km / hour. It can take off and land on any surface, just need a flat floor. Unlike the classic airship, there is no tie on the floor. Thanks to a special system, the new airship is close to the ground when there is strong wind. New flying equipment can land on water, ice, a swamp and use an air cushion to move on land. Its range is from 2 to 5 thousand kilometers depending on the model. Thus, the balloon is a complex structure comparable to a large aircraft.

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