The prospect of satellite replacement satellite

The US Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is planning to organize a giant balloon-making competition operating at a height of nearly 20,000 meters, which will become an aerial base of navigation devices and telescope vision.

The giant solar powered hot air balloon can replace satellites and act as low cost communication and monitoring centers.

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That is the conclusion drawn from the research and evaluation conducted by the Keck Institute for Space Research at Caltech under NASA's support, according to

The report also suggested that stratospheric hot air balloons, operating at the edge of space, could allow for scientific experiments and even a suitable place to place space telescopes at a cost. launches only a fraction of that of using boosters.

'The stratosphere balloon can provide a space-like platform, but without the cost of launching a satellite into orbit,' The New York Times quoted Sarah Miller, a natural physicist. of the University of California, said.

For its part, NASA announced it would launch a $ 4 million prize competition next year, seeking a hot air balloon design to be installed at a height of 20,000 meters, operating over 20 hours with payload. about 20kg.

Experts have now flew to test the hot air balloon above.

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