There is no proof of the end of the world

Some people are worried about the end of the world that will happen on December 21, but in fact, there is no evidence that our world is going to be destroyed at this time.

Everything comes from the May25 calendar year of the Mayan people will end on this 21st December. Many people interpret it as the end of the world we live in. However, many opinions suggest that the Maya did not mention anything about the end of the world, but simply the calendar just ended there and started over.

Psychological fear arises in many parts of the world, from a prisoner in a Russian prison to panic, a Chinese build a shelter to the crowd pouring into a mountain in France with the hope of surviving after the end of the world.

Earth is not threatened

Scientists at the US Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) have reassured the public: 'Our planet has been stable for the past 4 billion years and reputable scientists have not seen any threat. related to 2012 '.

NASA explains that the source of the 2012 apocalyptic story comes from claims that the Sumerian Nibiru (discovered by Sumer) will crash into Earth. Initially, this prediction gave the time of the disaster in May 2003, but when nothing happened, the rumors were back . moved to December 21, 2012, coinciding with the time of the Mayan calendar. end of a spin. NASA confirmed if there was a problem that a planet was about to crash into Earth, scientists had discovered it from the past decade.

NASA also added that like a current calendar year ended on December 31, the Mayan calendar also ended after a spin and started over, like we started a new year on the 1st. /first.

Picture 1 of There is no proof of the end of the world
The Mayan Kukulkan temple in Chichen Itza relic, Mexico

In the question about the apocalypse on the NASA website, the agency dismissed rumors that it gave information that the planets were lined up on December 21 and caused the Earth to lose power in the third round. day. NASA claims there is no way the planets align with each other, at least for years and if so, the impact of this on our planet is negligible.

Some times the planets align with each other were in 1962, 1982 and 2000. And every December every year, the Sun and Earth align with the center of the Milky Way. This is an annual phenomenon and nothing happens.

Meanwhile in Mexico, where the Mayan relics are, people are not afraid of the end of the world. This country even considers it an opportunity to prosper in tourism. According to Reuters, an estimated 200,000 people will flock to the Mayan Chichen Itza ruins on the night of December 20 to attend a festival that marks the end of a thousand-year calendar.

For modern Maya descendants, as Reuters said, the end of the world on December 21 only makes them laugh but this is a good opportunity for them to make money.'If anyone believes this joke, just come. Nobody believes it here, 'said Jose May, a travel official in Merida, Mexico's Yucatan state.

Gangnam style is not related to the end of the world

Recently, the online community once again got into the fever of the Korean singer Psy's song Gangnam style , but not about the attractiveness of the song but its relevance to the end of the world.

The incident comes from a short video on YouTube that recently cited the prediction of the 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus saying: 'On a peaceful morning, the end will come to the horse dance, when circles reach 9 numbers'. This video explains in detail that the 'peaceful morning' is suggested as Korea, 'horse dance' is the famous dance in Psy's song, while '9 circles' is 9 numbers in the child. The number of 1 billion views of the song Gangnam style on YouTube. The author of this video predicted on December 21, 2012, Gangnam style will reach 1 billion views on YouTube. Now this song has about 971 million views.

Many people believe this information. It is spread quickly on the network. In Korea, many people are low on this information, especially after the DPRK launches missiles.

However, according to AFP, the above "Nostradamus prophecy" is completely . rough. It was created by a blogger and a French cinematographer named Simon Gosselin for the purpose of joking.

* According to Xinhua, about 500 members of a religious group in China were arrested for spreading rumors about the end of the world. This group spread the news that the Sun will not grow, Earth covered with darkness for three consecutive days from December 21.

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