To Lich River water 'revives' after a week of 'rescue'

After a week of putting the waste treatment machine into the river, the water of To Lich river was clearer and the odor was reduced significantly.

The water quality in To Lich river is significantly improved

After one week, Hanoi placed Japanese Nano-Bioreactor waste treatment machine on To Lich river, the location of this machine is located on the river section along Nguyen Dinh Hoan, Cau Giay, when passing here, many people People cannot hide their joy.

According to observations, the river has become clearer. The smell from the river bed rises dramatically. Water color is no longer black, floating. The machines are still active, scouring the white foam.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa (32 years old, Tran Quoc Hoan Street) shared: "It is true that the odor is reduced, and the water is greener. Hopefully, this technology will definitely solve the pollution of To Lich River. Bao Last year, people were miserable because of the stench. "

Ms. Hoa said, before going through this river, people had to block masks. Any house that lived nearby, on the day of the rain did not dare to open the door because of the smell. She and many people are very happy because of the positive signal from the "revival" of To Lich river.

Picture 1 of To Lich River water 'revives' after a week of 'rescue'
Waste treatment machine technology Nano - Bioreactor Japan.(Photo: TL).

In the same view, Mr. Vu Quoc Tung (32 years old, living at Lang street) said that Hanoi has repeatedly discussed the rescue of To Lich river but this time is the best . "Perhaps not only me but also many people who wish to visit To Lich River will have fresh air every day so that early morning people can go to exercise there. However, the installation is only a week, no one. dare to confirm whether it was successful or not, ' shared Tung.

It is known that Japan's Bio-nano technology applied the new invention idea is to bring the combined processing technology of biotechnology and Nano-Bioreactor technology to process 6 times the speed of sound. , creating a wastewater treatment plant with Nano-Bioreactor technology and natural materials into the river bed.

This technology thoroughly handles the source of sewage pollution and treats the root cause of bad odor and pollution is to completely disintegrate the accumulated sediment without using dredging measures. mechanics.

Earlier, on May 16, Hanoi began implementing a pilot project on pollution treatment and cleaning of To Lich river by Japanese Nano Bioreactor technology.

The project funded pilot treatment of a section of To Lich river and a corner of West Lake with Japanese Nano-Bioreactor technology implemented by Japanese experts and Japan Vietnam Environment Improvement Joint Stock Company. Japanese funding.

Water flow of the Red River cleans the To Lich River: The necessary solution

Concentrating on the Japan Vietnam Environment Improvement Joint Stock Company (JVE) started the pilot project of cleaning a section of To Lich river and a corner of West Lake (Hanoi) with Japanese Nano technology, some ideas for that, pumping Red River water to clean water in To Lich river is also an immediate solution that Hanoi should study. In this regard, representative of Hanoi Sewerage and Drainage Company Limited (Drainage Company) said that this is also the proposal of the company in the project "to invest in building additional pumping stations in Ho Tay water and improving water quality of To Lich river " that the unit has just submitted to Hanoi People's Committee.

Specifically, the Drainage Company has proposed a solution to pump the Red River water into Ho Tay to create circulation. When the West Lake is clean, it takes water from the lake to the two discharge gates to the To Lich River to wash and clean the polluted water of the river.

Picture 2 of To Lich River water 'revives' after a week of 'rescue'
Hanoi is actively taking measures to improve the water of To Lich river.(Photo: Thanh Hai).

"If the proposal is approved by the City's leaders, the Company will build and install a submersible pumping station outside the An Duong border gate with the water supply capacity of 156,000m3 / day and the night leading into West Lake. Improved by Red River water, the Company regulates water from the lake through two discharge gates on Pho Sai Street and Lac Long Quan Street to To Lich River to help clean river water.

Talking to the press around this proposal, some people said that taking clean water to clean the To Lich River is technically "nothing difficult", but this is only an immediate solution. To solve the root of the problem is still treating pollution from domestic wastewater discharged into this river.

According to Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Ha - Director of the Research Institute for Water and Sewerage and Environment (Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association), the key issue is the separation of untreated domestic wastewater into the river.

Need to change your mind

The nano-bioreactor cleaning technology has been committed by Japanese experts to thoroughly handle 3 issues of To Lich River: odor, water quality, mud volume, and much cheaper than building houses. wastewater treatment machine. The initial rapid tests after running the test showed that there was a change, giving the expectation that modern technology would solve the pollution to save the dead river.

Picture 3 of To Lich River water 'revives' after a week of 'rescue'
Although the technology, even modern, will surrender if people's awareness and habits are not improved.

But no matter how modern the technology is, it does not mean that we will continue our habit of living today. The treatment of waste water, especially from factories and hospitals, still needs to be strictly followed to limit chemicals, pathogens, and other hazardous waste into the To Lich River. Environmental awareness of the people needs to change drastically to reduce dangerous sources of waste right from the sewer in each family. Management must be tightened, people's consciousness must change so that the river will not continue to carry solid waste and plastic waste. It is also a lesson that happened with the River Thames in London's capital of England, when the British revived the River Thames half a century ago and it became one of the most beautiful urban rivers in the world.

Newspapers once noted, after the historic flood in early November 2008, people in Hanoi witnessed the clear water of the To Lich river. At that time, the To Lich River was diluted by rain water, reducing the mud, rising up to meters, billowing and having fish swimming. That flood made the clean cleanup of the To Lich River within a few weeks. Obviously, the cleaning of To Lich River is not only in a project, nor the Hanoi government or a ministry, a branch, but needs the cooperation of both the city and the people, then new hope the blue river returns.

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