Tracing the pin of the 1,100-year-old shirt

The origin of the ancient brooch pin found in the field could be a mystery that has never been solved.

Amateur metal detectors find a circular pin on a field in Great Dunham, Norfolk on May 9, 2019. Initially, this person thought that the silver pin belonged to the time of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). However, experts determined it was built from the end of the 9th century, BBC reported on 24/5.

Picture 1 of Tracing the pin of the 1,100-year-old shirt
Silver brooches 1,100 years old. (Photo: BBC).

A team of scientists at Norfolk County Council came to the field to dig further. They found 19th-century plowing tools in the ground below the brooch, so it was possible the pin had been moved from elsewhere.

The owner poured the soil over to flatten the field, but the source of the land was unknown. "The owner of the field said he had signaled to stop a land truck. They didn't move too far, so it may have come from central or western Norfolk. It is very difficult to trace it now." of the pin, so I think this will still be a mystery , " said Steven Ashley, archaeologist at Norfolk County Council.

The silver pin is about 7 centimeters in diameter, decorated with animal shapes in the Trewhiddle style, and behind it has fasteners. Ashley commented that it has many similarities with the Pentney Treasure including six circular pins discovered in West Norfolk in 1978. "In my opinion, they are made by the same craftsman or a factory , " he said.

Professor Michael Lewis at the British Museum considers silver pins to be national antiquities. This item most likely belongs to a person with a high status because of its large silver content.

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