Unmanned vehicle technology should only be applied to buses in Vietnam

Unmanned buses can solve the problem of traffic congestion in Vietnam, but the transport infrastructure must be improved.

At the seminar "Smart City: From research to deployment applications" held on May 6 in Hanoi, Japanese experts discussed, one of the five core factors to create a smart city is unmanned vehicle technology (self-driving car).

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Self-driving cars can stop when encountering obstacles.(Artwork: ST).

Dr. Le Anh Son, Nagoya University (Japan) said that self-driving cars can solve the problem of bottlenecks, eliminate traffic violations such as spleen, head-turning, head-turning, traffic accidents. . Autopilot can also find parking space and return to the starting point, saving time for car users.

However, the model of self-driving vehicles should not be applied to all vehicles involved in traffic because they want to operate self-driving vehicles must be connected to other vehicles, forcing to completely replace all means of transport by autopilot car. Then people are dependent on technology, if network security and technology security are not guaranteed, it can cause serious consequences. Therefore, it should only be used on public transport models such as subway buses .

In terms of operating principle, self-driving cars will stop when objects are detected, objects move near. However, Dr. Ta Duc Tung, University of Tokyo said that with the current chaotic traffic situation of Vietnam, the means of transport are not in the right way, not complying with the traffic laws thoroughly to make the application of vehicles Self-driving in Vietnam's public transport system is very difficult.

Dr. Son said that in the immediate future, self-driving cars can be applied right in Vietnam on the scale of urban areas. For a wide range of applications, Vietnam needs to improve the awareness of traffic participants, improve and improve the quality of infrastructure.

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