US research armor anti-ammunition

Modern armor, which can withstand bullets, can not protect its soldiers from the intense thrust of the bullets, which is responsible for most of the US military's bullet trauma. Iraq and Afghanistan.

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A US technology firm has developed a super-light armor made of super-protective material and lined under traditional armor.

Picture 1 of US research armor anti-ammunition
Traumatic injury due to force is the most common cause
US Army casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to LiveScience , the hybrid 'hybrid armor' will be used to protect the chest, shoulders, thighs, arms and ribs, in addition to the bullet-proof bullets being used by the US military. Tests have shown that using a combination of two armor-piercing armor types will absorb up to 25% of the projectile's ammunition through weapons such as AK-47s.

"Too strong a fire will cause bleeding, broken ribs and sometimes death," said Amir Bhochhibhoya, co-founder of MetCel Technology. Therefore, reducing the force of the bullets will help save lives.

Picture 2 of US research armor anti-ammunition
MetCel's additional armor

Even Mr. Amir's side may reduce the impact of bullets fired from Class III weapons (7.62mm guns, which are commonly used in Afghanistan and Iraq). But the weight of the jacket is about 10% lighter than the current bulletproof vest.