Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area - China

Unesco's Science, Education and Culture Organization has recognized China's Wu Lang Yuan Scenic Area as a World Natural Heritage in 1992.

Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area - World natural heritage in China

Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area also has a place called Vo Lang Nguyen which is located in the west of Zhangjiajie city, Hunan province, China. The scenic spot includes the Zhangjiajia National Park, To Khe valley and mountain. Thien Tu . The name Vu Lang Nguyen is derived from the poem 'Dao nguyen tu ' of a church of the Tang Dynasty, the poem whose content praises this land in which the word Vu Lang Nguyen refers to this land.

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The ancient Vu Lang stone is an immense ocean area so the area is rich in sand and sediment, amethyst. Over thousands of years under the influence of climate, temperature and the complex movement of the Earth's crust, this area has formed a truly miraculous wonder. According to studies, there are 3,000 quartz and sandstone columns in this scenic area .

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Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area has many large and small mountains, according to estimates of which there are more than 243 tops higher than 1,000 meters. More than 40 large natural caves here have a cave that is listed among the 10 largest natural caves in China. Besides, in the scenic area, there are 34 streams of more than 2,000 meters in length, the whole area concentrates 5 nuances that are majestic, majestic, u president, wild and beautiful.

There are landscapes in Vu Lang Nguyen where other places that cannot be found are Tan Duong Bay on Thien Tu mountain . This is a large semicircle natural pit with an area of ​​over 10m2. Three sides are steep cliffs, deep holes do not see the very mysterious bottom.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with beaches has bizarre shapes, clear blue water and forests with abundant flora. The To Ke Valley has clear streams and streams and an interesting system of natural caves. Thien Tu Mountain is mysterious again because of the rugged mountain, the thick forest surrounding it creates an extremely sure protection belt.

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The forest system in Vu Lang Nguyen has many rare and precious species, almost all rare and precious woods in the world are here. According to the survey data of the scientists, the timber trees here have 517 species, more than double the timber trees in Europe. Not only that, Vu Lang Nguyen scenic spot also has an extremely rich fauna system, among them there are many rare and precious species that can be mentioned, such as peacocks with chicken crests, chickens burying red feathers while flying with a strange shape, some birds only appear in this area. Besides, Vu Lang is also a living place of many ethnic minorities with unique customs and habits creating a unique attraction for this land.

In 1992, Vu Lang Nguyen Scenic Area was recognized as a World Natural Heritage by Unesco. In 1999, in order to attract tourists and make tourists more convenient to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of scenic spots, a project to build elevators that brought guests from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain was set. As soon as this project was submitted to the Chinese Government, a wave of protests broke out violently. Environmentalists disagree with the construction of a large elevator here because this will destroy the surrounding natural environment. Besides heritage researchers also objected because the construction of elevators could affect the landscape of the entire heritage. Despite such protests, this project was still carried out and completed in 2002.

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The elevator officially went into service in 2002. The total amount of money to build the ladder amounted to 120 million Yuan (19 million USD). However, right after the elevator went into operation, the number of tourists to Vu Lang Nguyen scenic area increased significantly. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors come to visit this landscape thanks to the convenience of elevators. The giant elevator in Vu Lang Nguyen was named "Bailong Elevator" or ' Hundred Dragons Elevator' (roughly translated as Bach Long elevator). Elevators with a height of 330 meters are covered with a layer of ultra-thick and transparent glass to ensure safety for visitors.

So far, Bach Long elevator is the longest and heaviest elevator in the world . Standing inside the elevator visitors can observe the whole landscape of Vu Lang Nguyen scenic spot.

So far this is still the longest and heaviest elevator in the world. At the same time, it was the only elevator in the world that was installed to send people to the mountains. The Bach Long elevator can transport 48 passengers to the mountain once and the time for such a move takes 2.2 minutes. After ' Bach Long' was completed and put into use, it was also assessed by passengers as the highest, fastest and most powerful 2-floor elevator in the world today. During the elevator lift visitors to the mountain, from the elevator overlooking, visitors can peek out of the eye through the transparent glass to admire the beauty of the message of the mountains.

Although built with very modern equipment, the local leaders and management board of this scenic area are strict in the preservation and protection of the natural environment in the area so the Vu Lang Nguyen scenic spot remains retain its natural and pure natural beauty while at the same time developing and attracting tourists.

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