Want to avoid the second most dangerous cancer in Vietnam, remember this eating habit

To prevent stomach cancer, experts recommend that everyone should start from their daily routine.

Preventing diseases from the daily eating habits

Stomach cancer is currently the second disease in Vietnam in terms of the incidence of people suffering from liver cancer only. Associate Prof. Dr. Doan Huu Nghi - Vice Chairman of Hanoi Cancer Society said that the main cause of cancer is Helicobacter pylori infection . In addition to eating habits such as eating salt, salty or drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking is also the cause of this disease.

To prevent stomach cancer, PGS Nghi said that people need to have regular health checkups at least once a year, especially those over 40 years old. In addition to early detection of cancer, a quick physical examination can detect whether the body is positive for Hp bacteria, from which to get specific treatment.

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Do not eat the same bowl, especially the bowl of sauce.

Hp bacteria are usually transmitted through eating and drinking, especially when young children are fed rice or porridge by their parents or grandparents daily. In addition, the sharing of fish sauce is also at risk of Hp bacteria infection . Therefore, in order not to be infected with this stomach cancer bacterium, the best people should not feed their babies. In addition, daily meals should be used with chopsticks and separate bowls, including sauces.

Another problem related to eating that people need to pay attention to is not to eat a lot of salty foods such as pickles, pickles, smoked meats. 'Studies have shown that marinated salts contain gastric carcinogens, so should not be overused or eaten for a long time , ' said Assoc.

In addition to the above problems, to prevent stomach cancer, people need to have a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle. Limit drinking, smoking and regular exercise, sports .

How do people with cancer cut their stomachs?

Ths.BS Phi Thi Quang - Gastroenterologist, Medlatec General Hospital said that for those who have had a stomach cut due to cancer needing to eat smaller meals, the following principles should be followed:

  • One day to eat 6 meals, each meal has a moderate bowl (always eat dry, chew carefully).
  • Never drink while eating. If thirsty, only drink water after each meal from 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
  • Avoid using foods that are too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid using sugar but eat dry bread, rice, sticky rice, noodles, potatoes, corns . pay close attention.
  • Eat a lot of meat, fish, tofu in dry form (more protein can be provided).
  • Take a break before and after meals, drink slowly, chew well before swallowing.
  • Need to take additional supplements, provide vitamins and mineral supplements.
  • Particularly, Vitamin B12 uses new injections effectively.

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When a gastrectomy occurs, patients need to eat small meals.

In order to ensure sufficient quality and avoid iron deficiency anemia, it is advisable to eat sufficient food groups, grouped by nutrition pyramid groups (based on 6 meals / day), including:

  • Basic food includes cereals or potatoes, each meal is half a bowl of rice. Can be replaced with a large light biscuit or 2 small biscuits.
  • Vegetables fry about 1/3 of a bowl, fruit (half a banana or a banana).
  • 50g of cooked meat, fish or beans (if it is dried meat or fish, only about 25g) or 1 egg.
  • Milk should only be used after meals for 30-60 minutes (if you are not used to drinking cow's milk, fresh milk or powdered milk, you can use soy milk).
  • Oil, fat, butter are all acceptable but only moderate, suitable for digestibility, as long as the next day do not drain fat stools.
  • Nuts, oily seeds such as melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts . can be used according to tolerability, but remember to chew carefully.

Vietnamese people eat and drink "are common" and are susceptible to bacteria causing stomach cancer

Warning signs of stomach cancer

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