Why is it 'clean up' and the house is still messy?

You used to spend hours cleaning your house, bedroom, desk . but then realized just a few days, even a few hours later, they were messy? According to many scientists, "clutter" is the general trend of the universe.

According to Dr. Alice Motion, from the University of Sydney (Australia), the story of houses and buildings over time has become somewhat cluttered in relation to the second law of thermodynamics.

This law states that the quality of energy, when transmitted or transformed, will be consumed more and more. In addition, the natural tendency of any isolated system in the universe is to deteriorate into a more disordered state.

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Houses are more cluttered than the general trend over time - (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Dr. Motion said that the room story is very similar to this law, if the room is considered an isolated system .

This partly explains, no matter how meticulous and careful the owner of the house, after a period of cleaning, the house tends to be in disarray. The level of this mess depends on each person, in each different space. For example, there is someone who is always tidy, but the desk cannot be neat.

According to Dr. Motion, the laws of thermodynamics are very important, in addition to affecting the sciences, which partly show the movement of things and phenomena in the universe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jonathan Tuke - majoring in mathematical statistics, University of Adelaide (Australia) - said that the problem of neat or messy house depends a lot on the amount of furniture we have.

When more objects are in a space, mathematically, there are more cases of placing furniture, meaning that the probability of messing up things is higher.

Similar to the sudoku game , the blanks are indoor spaces, which may or may not fit the eye. The numbers to fill out are the same as the furniture you have. That is, if there are more numbers, the probability of placing in the unsatisfactory cells will be higher.

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Like a sudoku game, more choices mean higher cluttered cases - (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

According to Dr. Tuke, mathematical knowledge can also be used to clean up furniture but still create a feeling of not lacking.

Many women often complain that they do not have clothes to wear, so they buy dozens of items but only look a few times.

However, with 7 shirts, 7 pants and 7 pairs of shoes, they can combine up to 343 different styles, meaning that women can theoretically refresh almost the whole year with only 21 items. .

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A combination of different costumes can be used to calculate and remove clothes - (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Also according to Dr. Tuke, little furniture also helps psychologically, besides helping with the cleaning. "When there are so many things, choosing will make you more tired," said Dr. Duke.

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