Why should you not sleep while sleeping?

Sleeping without a pillow helps your muscles / bones relax, reduce back pain, avoid negative effects on the skin and help you feel more comfortable after waking up.

Many people have a habit of going to bed with pillows under the head to keep the position of the head, neck, spine, to make it easier to sleep. However, this is not a good habit, needs to change.

Here are the benefits of sleeping without a pillow:

Good for neck and back

When you sleep in an upright position, the head, neck and vertebrae will be maintained in a complex state. Using a soft pillow can strain the neck muscles, even reducing blood flow to the brain. In addition, the head position facing the bed is too steep, causing oxygen flow through the respiratory system to decrease. This is the cause of mild to severe headaches the next morning.

On the other hand, using a thick pillow or pillow too high will deform your spine, causing back pain. Sleeping in this position for long periods of time causes you to suffer from chronic back pain and frequent muscle tension.

Therefore, it is best to practice the habit of sleeping without pillows. According to experts, sleepless pillows will help extend the back and support you to rest in sleep in a natural position without causing health problems.

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Sleeping on a pillow with your head seems to be comfortable but it is a bad habit.

More comfortable in the morning

Not using any head and neck support items will allow the body to stay in an optimal position to rest. In contrast, using a 'catch' pillow the body must be involved in the work of the neck or back muscles. This causes your muscles and tendons to work overtime, causing problems such as increased pressure on the muscles / bones, shoulder pain, neck fatigue, restless sleep and frequent wakeups .

More dangerously, all of these problems make you sleep deprived and become stressed, worried after waking up. Therefore, the best way to feel more comfortable in the morning is not to use a pillow. This habit makes your muscles and bones more relaxed during sleep.

Better for the skin and face

While sleeping on pillows, the sides of your face are often squeezed for hours, which reduces blood circulation on the skin. Besides, when the face comes into contact with the pillow, the breath and sweat will cling to the surface of the skin, the pores are not ventilated.

In addition to dust and impurities mixed in the air, sleeping with pillows accidentally increases the amount of bacteria that can enter the body if the pillow is not cleaned. From there cause acne, dermatitis . adversely affect the face.

According to experts, sleeping without pill brings a lot of health benefits such as helping to improve sleep, making the body comfortable, helping minimize back pain, spine or muscle. and bones are more relaxed. Therefore, you should practice for yourself the habit of not having pillows when sleeping to ensure health.

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