Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history

You will be really surprised to learn to the end of the story of the "troll" woman in the UK in history.

A spectacular trick in UK history

Our world exists a multitude of strange stories, which can be the story of people who suddenly turn into animals or give birth to animals that are circulated throughout many cultures.

In 1726, in England, the story of a rabbit-born woman was known throughout the country, even to the ear of King George I.

The strange story confuses many famous doctors of that time because they witnessed the process of producing rabbits. All scientists at that time focused on finding solutions to this mystery. And the answer will be answered through the article below.

The mysterious story begins from a poor country of England .

Mary Toft is a 24-year-old farmer working in the hops of England. Her husband is a seamstress named Joshua Toft and they have three perfectly normal children.

Picture 1 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history Portrait of Mary Toft - the main character of the story

On September 27, 1726, when she was doing her daily work, Mary suddenly felt pain in her abdomen, so she called the neighbor named Mary Gill to her home. When she arrived, Gill saw a strange and scary scene.

After seeing Mary finish, Gill quickly runs to find Mary's sister-in-law and tells the strange things she just saw. The newly born "monster" looks like a mess of different parts of animals.

The Mary family quickly sent these body parts to John Howard, the surgeon, with over 30 years of experience in local delivery.

Howard checked the parts of the newborn and found that it consisted of three cat legs, one rabbit leg, and three eel vertebrae.

Picture 2 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history

Howard was skeptical about his discovery, so he went to Mary's house. There, Howard was surprised to see Mary give birth to a baby rabbit , only to have the rabbit die before being born.

Amazed at what he was seeing, Howard decided to observe Mary Toft as a research object.Within a few months, Mary Toft gave birth to eight more rabbits, but they all died before the first rabbit-like birth.

Picture 3 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history

In it, Howard noted that three new uncles grew half, one of them was brown rabbits . The brown rabbit is said to have jumped in the womb 23 hours before his death.

To preserve these "babies" as evidence, Howard preserved them in wine jars, and sent letters to scientists across the UK to announce this special phenomenon.

He claims that he is ready to give those who doubt his specimens and believe there are still many other rabbits about to be born by Mary.

Picture 4 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history
Mary Toft became extremely famous for her special ability

These letters attracted the attention of many experts at the time, including Nathaniel St. Andre - surgeon of King George I.

The supreme king of England cannot turn a blind eye to such a great science event . Andre verifies that the incident happened. St. Andre didn't take too long to verify what Howard said. St. Anne's even surmised, the rabbits were formed at the right fallopian tube after looking at Mary Toft's belly.

Picture 5 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history

Like St.Andre, most contemporary scientists " believe in " this story, simply because at this time there was a very popular theory of 'Mother's impression'.

This theory suggests that the mother's emotions and imagination can cause disorders for a baby in the abdomen, which can lead to mutations in the child.

For example, when a pregnant woman is startled by a rabbit, negative images from her mother will infect the baby and cause it to develop into a rabbit!

. and the truth behind the story of a rabbit born .

On November 29, 1726, Mary had to go to London on the orders of the king. Before that, many people around her were "very interested" in Mary because everyone wanted to witness a woman who gave birth to a rabbit. But whether it was due to crowd pressure or any other reason, Mary had stopped giving birth.

Picture 6 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history
Even King George I of England could not ignore Mary Toft's story

That's when Cyriacus Ahlers scientist first raised doubts. Although he witnessed the 17th rabbit directly, he still did not believe it and decided to conduct a separate experiment.

He put the dead 'baby' rabbit 's lungs in the water basin and it floated, indicating the inside contained air. Therefore, the rabbit had to breathe air before dying, something that could not happen in the mother's womb. On the other hand, some other " babies " of the stomach also contain hay and corn seeds. The story coming here gradually came to light.

All secrets are revealed to the light when a gatekeeper is caught in secretly throwing a baby rabbit into Mary's room. Immediate surveys are conducted.

On December 6, the court "threatened" Mary, who said she would perform a painful pelvic surgery to check what made her strange. And then, under pressure from the public as well as the king, Mary Toft confessed to the birth of a rabbit as a trick. Accordingly, Mary did this because she wanted an opportunity to change her life and have a better life.

Picture 7 of Woman born rabbit - A spectacular trick in history
Mary Toft's story in the press at that time

The trick later became more sophisticated, Mary sewed a hidden bag in her skirt to hide the rabbit's body parts . When the doctors did not pay attention, she stuffed them into her body and appeared to be in labor.

At this point, the incident was clear. Mary was sentenced to imprisonment for five months. After that, she returned to her poor life for the rest of her life. In 1763 when Mary died, people wrote on her tombstone the words ' Mary Toft, a widow - who gave birth to rabbits' .

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