World Oceans Day (June 8): Innovate for a sustainable ocean

The United Nations General Assembly has chosen June 8 to be World Oceans Day every year. The goal of this day's celebration is to raise awareness about the particularly important role of the sea and ocean.

World Oceans Day is an annual opportunity to remind people of ocean values, marine and marine products such as seafood, marine life, aquariums as well as its intrinsic values. The ocean also brings maritime routes in international trade. Global pollution and the excessive consumption of marine species have made this amount of ocean resources increasingly narrower.

The World Oceans Project, in partnership with the World Oceans Network, has been organizing activities for the world's ocean day since 2003 with the participation of over 1,600 different organizations and agencies around the world. They team up and collaborate with each other to issue influential warnings about the role of the Ocean in life on Earth and how humans can protect it.

World Oceans Day provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in protecting the future of the environment, through promotional activities, protecting the marine environment - scavenging at beaches, educational programs, art contests, film festivals, fish conservation events, protesting fishing and consumption activities that affect the development of endangered species.

Picture 1 of World Oceans Day (June 8): Innovate for a sustainable ocean
Picture 2 of World Oceans Day (June 8): Innovate for a sustainable ocean

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