Australia: The meteor glows down, the earth shakes like an earthquake

People in northern territories (NT) Australia were shocked when they saw a meteor falling into this area and made a very loud sound.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred in the sky between the towns of Alice Springs and Tennant Creek on May 20 (local time).

James O'Brien, head of the NT police department, said overnight officers received phone calls from residents of the Charles Creek Camp neighborhood of Alice Springs saying " a mysterious light trail Show in the sky the town " makes many people bewildered.

Picture 1 of Australia: The meteor glows down, the earth shakes like an earthquake
The meteor falls to this area and makes a very loud sound.

Police surveillance cameras capture meteor images flying in the sky of Alice Springs and Tennant Creek towns . Some reports show that meteor falling also produces sounds as loud as thunder, causing the ground to shake like an earthquake.

NT police then decided to upload videos to social networks and it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

"I woke up and heard an explosion in the sky like a bomb," said one resident. While another person also confirmed hearing the explosion: "The sound it made when it fell was horrible".

Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, said many meteorites from the universe fell to Earth every day but we didn't notice them because they were too small.

The case in NT is also a small meteor but it is big enough for people to see with the naked eye when glowing and disappearing in the sky.

"The green color shows that this supernova contains mostly iron. The size of meteorites ranges from 3 to 5 meters," said astrophysicist Tucker.


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