Chocolate is going to be extinct? This technology may be the answer

Recently, scientists have been forced to give an unhappy warning, that the human food map is at risk of permanently losing an extremely familiar dish. That is .

Specifically, experts believe that chocolate is completely "extinct" in 2050, just because of the process.

Accordingly, predictions from the National Bureau of Atmospheric and Temperature Administration have shown that the Earth's temperature will increase by about 2 degrees Celsius for the next 30 years, and that will cause a disaster for the industry. chocolate industry worldwide.

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The chocolate manufacturing industry is in danger of being erased.

Cocoa trees - the raw material for making chocolate - only grow around 20 latitudes north and south, with the ideal environment being humid tropical. But rising temperatures will cause water to drain faster, while precipitation is not enough. Consequences, trees cannot survive, and the chocolate industry will be seriously affected.

It is an unhappy prospect for not only confectionery businesses, but also consumers. Just imagine until 2050, you have to hold gold to exchange for chocolate to understand the problem immediately.

However, everything seems to have a solution. Recently, Mars - the leading confectionery manufacturer in the world (M&M, Snicker, Milky Way are all of Mars) said, they will use genetic modification technology to create good tolerant cacoa plants. more, in preparation for future extreme climate change.

It is known that Mars technology is expected to apply mainly with the highest accuracy today. It uses a number of special enzymes to cut DNA down, then modify it according to human wishes.

With Crispr-Cas9, Mars will create the most resilient cacoa plants, while not afraid of pests and diseases, and also need less water and still be able to survive.

"It is true that there are agreements to protect our planet right now, but to be honest, I don't think we can make it" - Barry Parkin, a professor of genetic engineering called Sustainability Generation (Sustainable generation) said.

It is known that this is not the first time experts warned about the scarcity of chocolate in the future. As noted, a Westerner can eat 286 chocolates a year, and even more in Belgium - the world's top chocolate producer.

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Annual amount of chocolate can be lacking to hundreds of thousands of tons.

But despite increasing demand, supply is increasingly exhausted. According to Doug Hawking from Hardman Agribusiness Research Center, it is expected that in the next few years, the amount of chocolate shortage will fall to about 100,000 tons / year.

Currently, Mars has poured more than $ 1 billion into this project, which is supported by Jennifer Doudna, a UC Berkeley geneticist, and creator of CRISPR-Cas 9. They are trying to find the best solution, to rescue human food maps.

Besides, what is studied is not only cacoa. The team said they also sought to treat cassava DNA, to make it less likely to produce toxins in extreme weather conditions.