Discovered extremely poisonous mushrooms in Australia

Fungi coral mushroom - a very toxic mushroom was first discovered in Australia, the natural home for strange life forms.

This extremely toxic mushroom has up to eight different types of toxins that can be absorbed through the skin, once thought to be unique to Japan and Korea. However, a mushroom scientist at James Cook University in Queensland, Matt Barrett, has now confirmed that Fungi coral mushroom came to Australia after studying photos of coral colored mushrooms taken by photographer Ray Palmer in the jungle on the outskirts of Cairns.

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Images of Fungi coral mushrooms are extremely poisonous.

Why this poisonous mushroom appears in Australia is still a mystery. Although there have been recent reports of the occurrence of Fungi coral mushrooms in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. However, Western Australia is often a haven for fungus of non-origin and now Fungi coral mushroom has emerged.

Dr Barrett noted that locals have found at least 20 species of mushrooms that were previously unknown were present in northern Queensland.

'We are not sure how it came to Australia but we think it was a natural occurrence,' Dr Barrett told IFLScience.

Fungi mushroom spores are dispersed by the wind, so they can also travel very long distances. It probably dispersed into northern Australia thousands of years ago but due to not many people searching for mushrooms in northern Australia, so it was neglected.

Fungi coral mushroom is considered one of the most dangerous mushrooms in the world because it is the only known fungus equipped with toxic compounds that can be absorbed directly through the skin. If ingested, the wrong person may die.

Of the 100 toxic mushrooms known to the researchers, this is the only fungus that can be absorbed through the skin , Dr. Barrett said.

With this poisonous fungus, even touching can cause skin inflammation (redness or swelling). If ingested, it causes a wide range of symptoms. Initially stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and paralysis, after hours or days they will affect the Dan on the face, hands, feet, and brain shrinkage resulting in cognitive changes, difficulty transferring. and difficult to communicate by mouth.

Scientists recommend that, not only in Australia, in other areas in the case of encountering strange mushrooms shaped like Fungi coral mushrooms, you should not touch, and definitely not eat.

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