Horror village occurs hundreds of mysterious fires

People in the village of Canneto di Caronia on the island of Sicily are no longer shocked when a series of mysterious fires have been going on for more than a decade since 2004. The cause of these fires has so far remained is not decoded.

Specifically, since the beginning of 2004, there have been many unexplained fires. Many people's home appliances such as toaster ovens, refrigerators, radios, cell phones . burn themselves in a confusing way.

Many unused household items also catch fire and ignite themselves .

Even more bizarre is that many unused household items also catch fire and catch on fire. Even if Enel - the electricity company stopped supplying electricity to the village of Canneto di Caronia , the fires still occurred.

In a few months, the mysterious phenomenon suddenly stopped. After a while, unidentified fires appeared again, causing people to worry. Before this mysterious incident, authorities and police entered the investigation but did not investigate the cause and did not find someone who intentionally sabotaged.

Due to authorities and experts, scientists have not been able to decipher the mystery of fires, the villagers Canneto di Caronia blame the aliens or even the demons that have caused these incidents. .

Therefore, village families Canneto di Caronia invited him to exorcise in the hope that there will be no more unexplained fires. Even so, mysterious fires continue to make the villagers panic.

So far, no one has been able to ascertain the cause of village fire Canneto di Caronia due to the supernatural forces.

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