10 things not everyone knows about the wind

The air always moves from where there is high pressure to where the air is low. The movement of air produces wind.

1. In Greek mythology, the word Anemoi is used to refer to four four-dimensional wind gods: Boreas (north), Notus (male), Zephyrus (west), and Eurus (east).

2. Wind gauge is a device used to measure wind speed.

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Wind power currently supplies 4% of the world's electricity.(Photos: Wikipedia)

3. A wind is considered strong when reaching speeds from 51 to 101km / h. If the wind reaches a speed of 6.4 to 50 km / h, it is called light wind.

4. The strongest winds in the solar system appear on Saturn (velocity greater than 1,770 km / h).

5. The first home in the world based on wind power generation system built in Kincardineshire, Scotland, in 1887.

6. The rotor head moves at speeds up to 322km / h.

7. The first wind turbines rotate counterclockwise when viewed from the front. Since 1978, design changes have made them rotate clockwise.

8. The original windmill rotated counterclockwise, but then the manufacturer converted and does most of the millers rotate clockwise.

9. Wind power is currently providing 4% of electricity in the world.

10. Equatorial wind calm is an area around the equator. This is where sailboats have been stuck many times.

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