Japan built the world's largest wind farm

Japanese authorities are preparing to promote the plan to build the largest offshore wind farm in the world since July this year.

>>>You inaugurated the biggest wind farm

Japan has planned to build a total of 143 wind turbines in the offshore area, away from the Fukushima coast - where each incident happened to leak Daiichi nuclear reactors due to earthquakes and tsunamis, shaken the world. March 2011 - about 16km.

Picture 1 of Japan built the world's largest wind farm
When completed, the Japanese offshore wind farm is expected to become the largest
the world with a generating capacity of up to 1 gigawatt. (Artwork: New Scientist)

Once in operation, the wind farm is expected to generate 1 gigawatt of electricity. This is part of a national project aimed at strengthening renewable energy sources following the closure of 54 post-Fukushima nuclear reactors. Since then, only two of these reactors have been restored.

The project is also part of a plan to help Fukushima become fully self-sufficient in 2040 thanks to alternative energy sources. The area is also expected to be Japan's largest solar park.

The Japanese authorities revealed that the first phase of the Fukushima offshore wind farm project would be to build a turbine of 2 megawatts and a height of 200 meters. If successful, other turbines will be built up until the project is completed.

By design, turbines will be built on floating steel rigs, which are fixed by ballast and anchored to a 200-meter-deep continental shelf surrounding the Japanese coast.

When completed, the Japanese wind farm is expected to overtake the "world's largest" throne in the present of Greater Gabbard farm, off Suffolk, England, with a capacity of 504 megawatt of electricity generated by 140 wind turbines. The facility will soon surpass the London Array farm in the Thames estuary, where 175 turbines will generate 630 megawatts of electricity by the end of the year.

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