1/5 species of plants in the world are about to become extinct

According to the most reliable report on the status of plants with leaves on Earth, 1 in 5 plants are in danger of extinction.

The report said scientists have estimated about 380,000 tree species, accounting for 22% of the total number of trees present on the endangered Earth will disappear completely, if the speed affects nature, The majority of people do not change.

Mr. Hopper - Director of the Royal Key Botanical Garden in London (UK), member drafting the report said: "For the first time we have a very clear picture of the extinction risk of these The type of plant known in the world The report will mention which species need to be told about the most urgent way as well as which areas are most at risk '.

Participating in drafting the report, there are hundreds of scientists from all over the world, investigating tens of thousands of plant species, applying advanced methods from satellite photography to modeling on machines. electronic calculator.

However, about 1/3 of the surveyed types still do not have enough data to identify protection measures, so there are still some things to be done.

Picture 1 of 1/5 species of plants in the world are about to become extinct

Coniferous plants (Gymnosperm) , a botanical group consisting of conifers (conifer) and a family of petro are the most threatened species in the world. Their risk of extinction is even greater than that of birds and vulnerable to the planet's mammals.

Neil Brummitt, London Natural History Museum added: "The diversity of plants enriches and stabilizes all life on Earth, so when thousands of threatened plants are a problem great importance related to our own survival '.

The study shows that the loss of habitat due to encroachment of forest land for cultivation and livestock is the biggest threat to the life of plants. Tropical rainforest is a threatening ecosystem of ecosystems.

The magazine was released at a time when policy makers and governments were preparing to meet in Nagoya, Japan next month to identify new goals for global environmental efforts. demand at the UN Summit on Biodiversity.

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