3 unique 'modern' artifacts from the world, 2 of which are questioned as 'aerial'

There are a number of antiques, technically speaking, that are extremely modern, really making people suspect they are 'cross-space' treasures. What is a mysterious story behind that?

Recently, the topic of 'air travel' has become a hot topic always exploited by Chinese drama producers. Looking at timeless characters back to ancient times shows just how difficult their lives are. Also on the same subject of space travel, not only characters, but also objects are also highly capable of timeless and exist throughout hundreds of centuries.

China is a wonderful country, with a long history of the past five thousand years, it can be said that there are many precious treasures and treasures. And there are some artifacts, technically speaking that, extremely modern, really make people suspect they are 'cross-space' treasures .

Picture 1 of 3 unique 'modern' artifacts from the world, 2 of which are questioned as 'aerial'
First of all is the crystal glass of the Warring States period.In the early 1990s, there was a brick factory worker in Banshan Town, Hangzhou Province, when preparing to burn bricks, he accidentally found a small cave hole less than a meter in diameter.He promptly reported to the local cultural relics office.After the archaeologists of the Cultural Relics Department came to examine and investigate, they confirmed this was an ancient tomb during the Warring States period.Therefore, the authorities immediately organized manpower and began excavation work.When the crater was dug to a depth of one meter from the ground, there was a brilliant light emanating from the bottom.Soon, the crystal cup was revealed and taken to the museum for immediate research.

Picture 2 of 3 unique 'modern' artifacts from the world, 2 of which are questioned as 'aerial'
The second treasure is a briefcase made from green fields, invented by rebellious King Mang, Han Dynasty . Currently, this copper ruler is kept in the Yangzhou Museum. If it weren't for the caliper of 2000 years ago, the average person would have assumed it was a caliper made in the present time. The calipers used can accurately measure the length, width and height of an object. Do not underestimate this caliper. Westerners used this object more than a thousand years later. This caliper also plays a big role in the study of ancient Chinese history. Because this briefcase is so advanced, many people suspect that Wang Mang is likely a 'no-go' character.

Picture 3 of 3 unique 'modern' artifacts from the world, 2 of which are questioned as 'aerial'
The third treasure, extremely sophisticated, is the post of Tang Hau At - The Army of the Tang Dynasty Warring States. As we all know, the excavated treasures from the tomb of the Sangha A are precious national treasures. China has once discovered a rare treasure unearthed from the tomb of this shogun, the inclined bells. In fact, in addition to the bells, the tomb also unearthed 'heavenly ' objects , such as this bronze pedestal.Compared to a bell, although its size is small, its value is no less than bell.Don is a complex structure consisting of two parts: the upper part is called a bronze pedestal, casting 28 dragons, 30.1cm high, 25cm inner diameter, 14.2cm diameter bottom, weighs 9kg.The bottom is a disk-shaped object, cast of 56 dragons, 23.5cm high, inner diameter 58cm, weighs 19.2kg.This is a complex and sophisticated structure of the Warring States period, representing the pinnacle of ancient Chinese copper casting.It is also a unique treasure in the world.Due to its extremely complex structure, no expert can restore the replica.

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