30-year-old woman found with testicular cancer

Having lived for 30 years in a female form, a citizen of Birbhum, India, knew her true gender after intense abdominal pain.

According to Gulf News, a resident of Birbhum, West Bengal (India), has lived a normal life as a woman for the past 30 years.

Recently, she was hospitalized due to severe abdominal pain for several months now. After performing the tests, doctors found the woman was biologically male and had testicular cancer.

"In appearance, she's a woman, from her voice, her breasts growing, her normal genitals, everything is a woman's. However, she has not had a uterus and ovaries since She also never had a period , " said Dr. Anupam Dutta.

According to Dr. Anupam, this case only happens in 1: 22,000 people, called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome - a condition where a person is born male, but has all the characteristics physique of women.

Picture 1 of 30-year-old woman found with testicular cancer
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (1: 22,000)

The test results show that the woman has a "blind vagina" , meaning she has an XY chromosome rather than XX as a woman's. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is in stable health.

"When the testes were still undeveloped inside the body, there was no release of testosterone (male hormone). On the other hand, the female hormone gave her the appearance of a woman , " said the doctor. Anupam adds.

The 30-year-old woman has been married for 9 years. The couple tried to have a baby but failed. Surprisingly, the 28-year-old sister and her two aunts after the test also had the same syndrome.

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