4-month-old baby has 31 fingers

4-month-old Hong Hong boy (China) has 15 fingers, 16 toes, two palms on each side and no thumb.

According to CNN, Hong Hong was born in January this year in Pingjiang, Hunan Province. Doctors diagnose boys with polydactylism , also known as anomalies , a congenital disease that occurs in humans, dogs, and cats, causing excessive finger and toe development. Hypersensitivity to fingers is relatively common, affecting one in 1,000 babies.

Picture 1 of 4-month-old baby has 31 fingers
Hong Hong's feet have up to 16 fingers.(Photo: CNN).

Picture 2 of 4-month-old baby has 31 fingers
Hong Hong's 15-finger hand.(Photo: CNN).

Heterosexual abnormalities are often genetic. Hong Hong's mother also suffers from the disease and passes it on to her child. Surgery is the only treatment but Hong Hong is too small. Moreover, the operation if it takes place will be very complicated. In addition to cutting off excess fingers and toes, doctors must re-create the thumb for the patient. In the meantime, Hong Hong's parents could only ask the hospital for advice on how to care for a boy.

Hong Hong's father Zou Chenglin said the surgery cost was estimated at 200,000 yuan (US $ 30,000). Thanks to calling on the Internet, the family has received more than 40,000 yuan. In addition, Zou will return to Shenzhen where the whole family is living to continue working to make money for the little child.

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