Why do so many people 'addiction' break their fingers?

You might have seen others, or yourself, cracked your fingers crackling like a habit, and when you're done, feel comfortable. That person was "addicted" to breaking his fingers, but why is his fingers so addictive?

Most addicts who break their fingers don't remember when they started to like to crack their fingers, and sometimes they break their fingers unconsciously and can't seem to stop doing it."There is no scientific study that explains why this action is addictive, but there is a lot of speculation that is an action to release nerve energy , " said Dr. Rachel Vreeman, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

According to Dr. Rachel Vreeman, breaking fingers is a difficult habit for many people, it's similar to the fact that some people like to use their hands to twist their hair, some people like to shake their thighs . These habits make They feel comfortable, release their bodies, relax, relieve stress.

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The sound of breaking your fingers makes you feel "good".

When you "break" your finger, you really don't break your finger, it's just an impact on your knuckles and make a small " crack " . The more people add to their fingers, the more the cries of the knuckles will be crispy and louder. The sound is caused by the mucus that surrounds your knuckles forming gas bubbles and when you break your fingers these bubbles break and make a sound. In addition to feeling comfortable releasing your knuckle muscles , the sound of breaking your fingers also makes you feel "good".

Many people believe that the habit of breaking fingers will lead to arthritis, but Dr. Rachel Vreeman said that in studies of hand function in people with and without arthritis, not everyone with arthritis does not likes to crack fingers. In other words, breaking your fingers is not the cause of arthritis .

However, the habit of breaking your fingers can lead to some hand discomfort , including swelling, reduced hand strength and some fingers or even joint injuries. In addition, people who often crack their fingers often have quite bad hands, because the knuckles are prominent, bulging, the hands that look "bony" are less aesthetic. So if trot has this habit, you should fix it to remove it.

There is a very effective way to remove bad habits, which is to reduce that habit with a clear plan. According to scientific studies, to form a habit, it takes about 28 days, so to eliminate a habit you will also need at least that many days. Make a roadmap to gradually reduce the habit of breaking your fingers until you no longer "enjoy" your fingers.

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