4-year-old English prodigy with advanced IQ in three languages

Mirror reported that a 4-year-old boy from the UK city of Cheshunt has joined the community of people with high IQ because he knows three languages.

Accordingly, the boy named Izaak Miller can read and write books in English, Greek and Arabic, although the boy does not have Greek or Arabic origin.

In addition, he memorized all 50 US states, knew how to count to ten in Spanish and asked his parents for information about books in Russian.

Picture 1 of 4-year-old English prodigy with advanced IQ in three languages
Little Miller next to his parents.

According to the British publication, the boy's reading skills are like a 7 to 10 year old child and the math skills are like a 6 and a half year old child. He could also list all the planets in order of being distant from the Sun. It is known that Miller often spends a lot of time lining up the alphabet next to the appropriate image.

Miller's mother, Michelle Nelson, 32, said the boy had learned to read since he was a toddler, trying to read letters on signs, signs on buses and posters posted on transportation.

'People saw Miller and asked if the boy had been to school since childhood. They could not believe that such a small child could read, ' Nelson said.

The boy was taken to a preschool center and passed the psychological ability test with educational psychologist Peter Kongdon. In the report, expert Kongdon described Miller as a very smart child and passed the boy's IQ test of 154.

According to the Mensa IQ community, the Mensa IQ tests do not apply to children under 10 years of age, but in Miller's case, an independent study was conducted as evidence of accession. Organized for people with high IQ scores. Mensa confirmed the test results, and in April, they sent a letter saying that the boy was accepted into the organization.

Mensa IQ is a non-profit organization for people with IQ scores higher than 98% of humanity, the result obtained from an IQ test or through some other valid intelligence test results.

Previously, a 3-year-old prodigy from Durham County in Northeast England also joined the Mensa IQ organization for people with high intelligence. The boy can speak two languages, Malaysia and English.

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