5 charging habits are causing the iPhone to crash faster

No matter how big the iPhone's battery is, it eventually comes a lot less.

The fact that, the battery on an iPhone has a life cycle also means that over time, the level of storage performance of batteries begins to decline. For this time to last longer, it is best for users to adjust their erroneous iPhone charging habits.

But whether in the habits we are using every day, what mistakes should be avoided? Let's explore through to avoid the foolish things that make iPhone break down over the years.

1. Just charge the battery while playing the game

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This is something many of us still encounter often. Nearly all of us like to play games on smartphones, and sometimes they can make people addicted and hard to quit. But because today's games have advanced graphics and special effects, they require more power and put pressure on larger iPhone batteries. When charging and playing at the same time, we put more pressure on the battery. In addition, the short charge and discharge cycles cause it to overheat, which may cause the battery to explode or negatively affect battery life.

2. Charge the battery with a protective back cover

While charging the iPhone, it is a little warmer and this is due to the battery emitting heat during charging. Therefore, users should remove the phone cover before charging so that heat escapes while charging the phone can dissipate into the atmosphere at a faster rate. It is important to remember that heat is the battery's biggest enemy and it is important to avoid exposing iPhone batteries to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, as anything higher will damage the iPhone battery.

3. Charge overnight

Many users nowadays watch videos with their laptops and review late at night, so iPhone batteries continue to be maintained until they are finished plugging in and going to sleep. Of course, when the battery wakes up on the iPhone will reach 100%, the problem is that many people can always think about what happens to the battery overnight after it reaches 100%, such as ' How to make the battery fully charged without overcharging? '

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Most people know the fact that iPhone batteries have a specific charging limit and are sometimes used to charge iPhone batteries overnight, leading to battery damage. Charging the iPhone all night means that the phone battery will be charged continuously and make it weaker over time. The temperature also rises if the battery is overcharged, affecting everyone's safety because too high temperatures can cause the battery or the phone to explode.

Anyone can tell the iPhone will be quite hot while charging. The same thing happens during the overnight filling process. Heat causes damage to lithium ion batteries, including weakening the battery, reducing the maximum amount of energy it can store (battery capacity) and damaging its integrity causing the device to explode.

4. Use a poor quality charger accessory

Always charge your iPhone with the original charger and avoid using poor quality unofficial accessories for charging. This is because the voltage and power requirements vary according to the battery, and using a charger that provides a higher voltage can overcharge the iPhone's battery. For example, a charger that supports fast charging may provide a high voltage to the battery, and using it to charge iPhones that do not support fast charging may damage the battery.

5. Avoid continuous charging

IPhone users regularly charge their devices even though they still have enough power. This is common in areas where there is no continuous power supply and people want the iPhone to retain as much power as possible in the absence of electricity - this is completely understandable. But users should know that continuous charging shortens iPhone battery life, where the typical estimated life of lithium-ion batteries is about 2 to 3 years, or 300 to 500 full charge cycles, whichever is the case. come first. Continuous charging only means that the iPhone battery will complete the life cycle faster.

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