5 most downloaded software in May 2015

Users will most likely not recognize what they need, or what they want if they get lost in the huge utility stores on the Internet. There are a multitude of different software and applications, but they have a "similar" function. They will need help, advice or at least a specific orientation, or it can be a proof of other users' assessment of the product they need.

The following article will introduce to you 5 most popular and downloaded software and applications in May 2015. It can be considered a subjective assessment of the writer, but on the other hand, it is also a way of providing and updating information for people who are concerned with the promise of different ways of entertainment, the opportunity to experience New, unique and extremely interesting games and applications!

Top 5 applications, games cannot be ignored in May 5/2015

Next summer also means that entertainment activities are promoted and participants will be richer, with different ages, genders, and interests. One of the most favorite slurry activities is playing games . Perhaps that is why in the top 5 hottest gadgets in May 2015 , there are 4 products on the game.

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1. How Old Do I Look?

A product that has caused fever, stormed the internet community not long ago. How Old Do I Look? is a highly entertaining Microsoft web application . Using face detection technology developed from Face APIs with cloud platform, How Do I Look? Allows users to upload to their home page images with human faces, then this application will scan for the results of gender and age of the faces, the people in the photo are uploaded.

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While this is just a small application, it is no different from an entertainment game that is pushed to the top, and the age and gender of the people posted in the picture may not be completely accurate, but How Do I Look? actually caused a phenomenon on the Internet when the speed of spread and use of this application increased with tremendous speed.

Eating this event can also be counted on How Dude Do I Look? (a perfect fake application of Lulu social networking site), an application that allows users to measure their handsome or anyone posted on the homepage. Or Twins or Not? - the second product of Microsoft, helping users find their twin brothers and sisters by discovering, giving the same ratio between any two photos. If you and your friends want refreshing moments, happy laughter, this is the number one choice.

Download How Old Do I Look? free

2. My Talking Angela for Windows 8

A game for smartphones has now been developed for the computer version. This is a fun and funny virtual pet game , especially suitable for animal lovers and like the lightness and fun. A colorful world, with incredibly lovely details and a kute baby cat, named Angela . Players will have to play the fathers and mothers and take care of and nurture this cat from a little girl to a beautiful, beautiful cat. From shopping for clothes, giving cats to school, going out, eating, taking a bath or playing games to make Angela feel happy and happy (help our characters grow faster).

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The game has eye-catching graphics, lively and extremely attractive (especially girls). Players can also design and upgrade their house in the game, as well as use other features in My Talking Angela to make it more personal.

In the past, if you have ever been passionate and poured time into Tamagotchi's "virtual chick" , surely you will know about My Talking Angela.

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Download My Talking Angela for free

3. Talking Tom Cat 2 for Windows 8

Tom Cat - I think everyone must think of the cat Thomas in Walt Disney 's famous animated series Tom & Jerry . But the truth is not! It's Tom, but our cat is more popular than Thomas in some way. Being able to mimic human language , silly, lovely face, smooth ash-colored fur and face can express many levels, nuances of emotion , which is what players can talk about Tom cat This is in Talking Tom Cat 2 - Windows 8 version.

If considered My Talking Angela is a game for girls, Talking Tom Cat 2 will be for boys. Just like Angela, Tom needs to be shopping, and wear cool, lovely clothes that need to be played and especially, he can imitate any sound the player says, emits with an extremely lovely and funny voice.

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Download Talking Tom Cat 2 for free for your computer

In addition, the company released Outfit 7 also developed this game on many other versions such as iOS, Android, or Windows phone.

4. Songoku

The fierce childhood with the classic comic books of Hero-Man, Teppi, or Doremon . has always been in the memories and feelings of many people. One of the story books that have been released by the game publishers into a game of attractive resistance, thrilling and equally attractive to the details in the original series, it is the Dragon Ball - Songoku.

From the story to the game, our main character is always the hero except for evil, ensuring peace and happiness for the Earth. The player will have to control Songoku using powerful martial arts attacks against the opponent , and at the same time nimbly dodge dangerous moves from the opponent. From the Flaming Train, Poc, Fide to Dabura or Vegeta M . A series of ill-fated enemies with this guy in the entire series will also appear in the game at different difficulty levels.

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If you are a fan of this popular series, and also love action games, fighting games, quickly download this Songoku game series to your computer and join in the eradication and defense of the platform. Peace of Earth.

Download Songoku game for free

5. Bomb IT

At the end of the list is another version of the game that puts bombs, Bomb IT attracts players with simple graphics, vibrant colors along with the way of playing and many different types of bombs, extremely unique and attractive. There are two game modes: playing one person and playing two people, using the entire keyboard , the player controls funny robots to set bombs, break obstacles, and destroy other opponents to win.

Each of the different types of bombs will have a different attack, level of attack. Players need to select and use them appropriately to destroy the opponent, to win.

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Download Bomb IT for free

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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