6 delicious food puzzles that everyone can

Looks extremely easy to do, but dare you not do it all.

Music with bad song or song, so is the puzzle - it is difficult to make sentences. But there are puzzles that at first glance are certainly very easy, but when you look more closely, you will find a couple of lines in it. In order to answer, you need to go into more detail, and the thinking goes a bit further.

1. Password entered

Mr. Teo first went to the US to visit a "real scallop" bar. However, this shop only allows members with password to enter.

Incredibly, he had to stand outside to see what the password from the previous visitors was. And the conversation Teo heard the following.

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When a girl approached, the guard said: "Twelve (12)" , she replied "Six (6)" and was entered.

Another guy came, the guard said: "Six (6) ", he replied "Three (3)" and was put in.

Possessing quite standard English, Teo confidently entered. The guard said "Ten (10)" , Teo replied: "Five (5)" is very definitive, but still cannot enter.

So what is the password here?

2. The strange robbery

A man with a scratchy face ran to the police station and announced that he had just been robbed. The story is told as follows: "I went to the bank, took a suitcase containing $ 100,000. But a man in a black shirt, black pants, a mask and black gloves appeared and attacked. He grabbed the suitcase and ran away. pepper".

When asked about the scratch, he replied, "The man attacked me. His hand wore a silver ring, on the left hand, it caused a scratch."

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Police concluded that this person lied. Ask why?

3. Dangerous trip

Jack raised a lion, a sheep, and carried a bag of grass. He wanted to cross the river, but there was only one boat, and the boat could not carry more than two things at the same time.

It means that Jack has to row a boat, and only one of the three things he can bring with him every time. But at the same time, he had to make sure that the sheep were not alone with the grass, as the lion could not stay with the sheep.

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What is the solution for you?

4. Safe door

A guy was accidentally locked up by bad guys, but they were quite funny when showing him 4 doors. All 4 can escape, but will have to go through the challenge inside.

The first door will cause him to fall into a pool full of white sharks. The rear door 2 is full of water, which will flood the whole room quickly. Door 3 is a room filled with poisonous gas. And gate 4, he will face a sickest and most feared serial killer, who has killed over 100 people since 1918.

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Q: Which guy must choose to live.

5. God of cards

You are blindfolded, and given a set of 52 cards. The problem is that in the deck of 13 cards that are flipping over, your task is to separate the deck of cards into 2, so that each side has the same number of back cards.

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What you will do?

6. Strange objects

Which picture is the most different from the rest? (This puzzle once made it difficult for Harvard students).

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Think carefully before looking at the answer.


1 . Perhaps many people are like Teo, thinking that the answer is to divide the number of said security.

But in fact, the password is exactly the number of letters in the words given by security personnel. That means with the word "Ten (10)", the answer must be "Three (3)".

2 . This person described the bandit wearing black gloves, so how could he see him wearing a ring?

3 . Take the sheep first. Then returned to bring the bundle of grass, then bring the sheep back. Continue carrying the lion, then return to pick up the sheep.

In total, it took 7 trips, rowing the boat and want to go crazy.

4 . The answer is the fourth door, because the aggressive killer is now over 100 years old. Rarely, it is very rare for people to be murdered by an older man over 100 years old.

5 . Very simple, just unplug the top 13 cards and turn them over.

Let's take an example: Suppose that in 13 cards drawn, there are 5 cards face up. That means, there will be 8 leaves left in the other set. Now turn around, the 13 cards drawn will become 5 - - 8 heads, ie, complete the given request.

6 . It is the first square from the left. Explain as follows:

We will choose the most different picture of this, and usually will look to the blue square. But if you pay attention, then the other pictures also have special points. As Figure 2 is the only circle, Figure 3 is the only square with no borders, and Figure 5 is the only square with small size.

When everything is special, the most normal thing is the other thing. For the first image, it is a square, has a large size, yellow color, and has a border. That is the answer.

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