7 strange medical experiments

To explore medical issues, world scientists apply new ways such as drinking their own blood, pumping sperm into the skin .

Let bees sting your body

Want to find out where the body was the most stung by bees, entomologist Michael Smith let European bees burn from head to toe for 38 days. There are 25 other body parts burned like cheeks, armpits, fingers, ribs, abdomen, lower legs .

Based on his own pain assessment, Smith found that 3 points of his body suffered the most pain. In it, the nostril is the most painful position, then the armpit and penis. The least painful position is the head, toes and arm. Smith said only testing on men, so can not assess the level of pain in women.

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A scientist gave the bee a sting to find the most painful position.(Photo: Healthline).

Pump sperm into the skin

A British woman with a history of allergy to Brazilian nuts has a rash and dyspnea after having sex with her boyfriend. Three hours earlier, he ate a mixed nut jar with five Brazilian nuts.

In order to find out the cause of the allergy, the doctor injected the female sperm of her boyfriend's skin after he ate the Brazilian ganglion. The results showed that she had an allergic reaction to small particles of Brazilian lymph nodes in her boyfriend's sperm.

Sitting in a room full of cigarette smoke

To find out how much nicotine can absorb clothing and skin after exposure to tobacco, six UK researchers sat in a smoke-filled room for five hours. Nicotine concentrations in equivalent rooms in pubs allow smoking in the UK.

Four researchers only wore shorts, the other two wore clean clothes. Two weeks later, the group of two clean clothes replaced the one they had worn earlier, while the other four were bathed immediately after the experiment.

Scientists think that the skin creates a good barrier against nicotine, but this study shows that the skin can absorb nicotine from tobacco smoke at the same level as when inhaled through the lungs. It takes a few days to release from the body. Bathing immediately after exposure to cigarette smoke or changing clothes immediately can reduce nicontine absorption into the skin.

Drink your own blood

16 healthy volunteers took 100 to 300 ml of their own blood for the purpose of finding a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and peptic ulcer.

After each drink, the researchers measured the concentration of a protein called calprotectin in the stool when there was inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. They determined blood in the gastrointestinal tract is the reason for mild increase in calprotectin in the stool. High calprotectin levels can make people with inflammatory bowel disease.

Self colonoscopy for yourself

Akira Horiuchi, a gastroenterologist who performed a colonoscopy for himself to prove that the colonoscopy is really painless and scary.

Colonoscopy is done when the patient lies on one side and uses a large and thick laparoscope. However, Horiuchi used a pediatric endoscope or a thin, bright tube to perform tests while sitting in a sitting position.

The scientist performed this procedure 4 times within two months. He used the same method of hygiene and endoscopy, but the discomforts were different. Maybe this is why each person feels different pain during endoscopy.

Put yourself in your ear

Mites are creatures that can cause serious infections in cat and dog ears. US veterinarian Robert Lopez stuffed ticks from an infected cat into his left ear to find out what happened. Immediately, he heard a scratch and moved when the tick discovered his ear canal. Afterwards, Lopez was itchy, the sound of the rake louder as the ticks approached the eardrum.

Lopez said it took a month for the infection syndrome to disappear. He continued to repeat the experiment two more times. With the next infection, symptoms become less severe. This shows that Lopez has developed immunity to this creature.

Kiss each other to find DNA

Slovak researchers found that male DNA could be found in women's saliva 10 minutes after a passionate kiss and for at least 60 minutes after kissing.

For testing, 12 couples kissed passionately for at least two minutes. Scientists checked the woman's saliva to get evidence of male DNA immediately and 5, 10, 30 minutes after the pairs stopped.

The authors said that the results of this study can be applied in criminal investigations. The rapid collection of a woman's saliva may be evidence to identify suspects in sexual assault and rape cases.

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