8 ways to reduce liver enzymes simply can be done

Liver enzymes are a part of our lives, because it is said that liver enzymes function to metabolize nutrients, eliminate toxins, help the body stay healthy.

When liver damage will increase liver enzymes, affecting your health and life.

The cause of elevated liver enzymes

Increased liver enzymes may be due to internal or external hepatic effects such as super viruses A, B, C, D, the impact of antibiotics, alcohol, tobacco, .

When the liver is attacked by viruses or toxins that accumulate, it causes them to be damaged, causing an increase in liver enzymes.

How to reduce liver enzymes safely

Elevated liver enzymes are signaling they are hurting and need your care. Therefore, follow these steps to have a healthy liver.

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The liver helps to eliminate toxins in our bodies.

Do not drink alcohol

Normally, the liver will be responsible for eliminating the poison from alcohol to protect your body. However, when the amount of alcohol is collected in the body, your liver will have to work hard, causing them to weaken, lose their immunity.

At that time, the poison from alcohol will turn back to destroy the liver, increase liver enzymes. If you want to have a healthy liver, you should limit alcohol intake, people with high liver enzymes should absolutely abstain.

Learn the effect of the medicine you use

Make sure that the medicine you use will not harm your liver, which will increase your liver enzymes. You should consult your doctor before using a medicine to avoid adverse effects on the liver.

Limit eating processed foods

Fast food contains a lot of fat, preservatives, additives, color, smell, taste . hygiene is not guaranteed to accumulate in the liver, causing liver enzymes to increase. So stay away from these prepared foods to protect your liver enzymes.

Keep away from environmental toxins

Car smoke, road dust, cigarette smoke, wall paint odor, etc. will pass through the lungs, causing disease in the lungs, but it also infiltrates into the blood and accumulates in the liver. Protective equipment is needed to protect yourself against these toxins.

Drink a lot of water

2 liters of water a day will help blood circulation, regulate chemicals, increase the activity of liver cells and help the liver to discharge toxins out of the body more quickly.

Weight loss

Excess fat is also a cause of liver damage. If the weight is reduced, not only your liver but also your health will be better.

Enhance eating green vegetables

Green vegetables, especially those that can help you detoxify liver are something that experts always encourage you to increase in your daily diet of people with high liver enzymes.

Daily exercise

Not only does it help control weight, but regular exercise also helps blood circulation and liver function more flexible and healthy than those who are sedentary.

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