A 2,000-meter asteroid could crash into Earth in the future

Asteroid 29075 1950DA could create a crater more than 27 km in diameter if it hit Earth on March 16, 2880.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is tracking a giant asteroid capable of hitting Earth. Based on this asteroid threat, ESA researchers have included it as a Special Risk list.

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Asteroid 29075 1950DA is considered a major threat to the Earth due to its enormous size.

Dangerous asteroid with serial number as 29075 1950DA . According to ESA database, 29075 1950DA is traveling at 64.374km / h and has a diameter of about 2,000 meters. Due to its massive size, it can create craters larger than 27km when crashing into the Earth.

ESA predicts 29075 1950DA will be close to Earth on March 2, 2032. In this flight, the asteroid will be about 11.2 million km from Earth. This is a very safe distance so there is no concern. Instead, ESA paid particular attention to 29075 1950DA's ability to collide with Earth on March 16, 2880. The risk of this asteroid hitting the Earth is 1 / 7,042,29075 . One of the many factors affecting the flight path of 29075 1950DA is the gravitational keyhole .

In the universe, there are some areas strongly influenced by the nearby planet's gravity, called gravitational keyhole. If 29075 1950DA flies through this region, gravity could significantly change its course, causing it to crash straight into Earth. In addition to the gravitational keyhole, another factor that can affect the flight path of the 29075 1950DA is the Yarkovsky effect , which occurs when the heat from various sources such as sunlight changes the asteroid's rotation.

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