This afternoon, an asteroid will fly over the Earth

Less than 3 weeks ago, when the American people were busy taking their children to school and going to work, a large asteroid of the building flew past the Earth at a fast speed. And today a similar phenomenon will happen.

Picture 1 of This afternoon, an asteroid will fly over the Earth
Objects fly near Earth.(Illustration).

On January 20, scientists discovered an object flying near Earth and named the 2017 BX asteroid. This asteroid is expected to fly past our planet at a distance of nearly 261,000 kilometers (2/3 of the way to the Moon) at 11:54 pm on November 24 at the eastern end of the United States, at 11:54 pm on the 25th. 11 hours Vietnam.

The 2017 BX asteroid , according to data from Slooh Space Observatory and the US Space Agency (NASA), resembles the 2017 asteroid AG13 used to fly over Earth on January 9.

However, 2017 BX is much smaller, only about 4 - 16m, flying at 26,700km / h. Because this object is too small and moves too slowly, it cannot harm Earth. If its flight path is directed towards Earth, it will also crumble at an altitude of thousands of meters in the air.