An asteroid has just crossed the Earth

One, discovered by scientists just six days ago, just crossed the Earth at a very close distance at 7:30 am (Vietnam time) on January 3.

The British newsletter led from the US Space and Aeronautics Agency (NASA) reported that an asteroid-sized asteroid crossing the Earth at a distance of 2,000,000 km - a distance that is considered to be similar. close to space.

According to NASA's rating scale, any asteroids that travel about 7,403,000 km from Earth are classified as 'dangerous'.

The speed of the 2017 YD7 asteroid reaches 37,800 km / h - 5 times the speed of an X-15 North American.

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The speed of the 2017 YD7 asteroid is up to 37,800 km / h.

Previously, this asteroid (with a diameter ranging from 6 to 21m) was first discovered by Mount Lemmon Survey Observatory in Arizona (USA) on December 28.

NASA currently has no capacity to deflect an asteroid in case it is heading straight to Earth, but this leading aerospace agency can help mitigate the impact and offer security measures. protect life and property on Earth.

Options include evacuating affected areas and moving critical infrastructure.

According to NASA spokesperson in the British Express newspaper last week, as of December 24, the scientific community discovered about 17495 and 17,389 asteroids.

NASA is also focusing on developing a refrigerator the size of a refrigerator capable of preventing asteroids from colliding with the Earth. An experiment with a small asteroid that is harmless to Earth is expected to begin in 2024.

This will be the first task to experiment with asteroids deflection technique that is effective in protecting the Earth project. This technique, called DART (double asteroid diversion technique), is responsible for impacting the asteroid so that it goes out of orbit.