AI can predict personality only through selfie photos

According to  Futurism , a team of researchers from the University of Economics and the Open University in Moscow, Russia has revealed, they have successfully tested a neural network that can fairly accurately judge a person's personality only Rely on selfie photos. Even this judgment of AI is more accurate than human judgment.

Specifically, the team recruited 12,000 Russian volunteers and asked them to complete a questionnaire to build a database of personality traits. In addition, the team also updated about 31,000 selfies for the AI ​​database.

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The accuracy of an AI is currently about 58% of that person's real personality.

The questionnaire will be based primarily on personality traits based on the Big Five model or 5 factors including openness, devotion, extroversion, comfort and sensitivity. This is an analytical model often used by psychologists to describe the characteristics of objects.

After training the neural network with the data set, the researchers found that it was possible to accurately predict a person's personality traits based on real-life photos and taken under no conditions. pre-arranged.

In terms of accuracy, the team discovered that AI can relatively accurately predict the personality of two randomly selected people. After processing and breaking the photos into 128 different components, the AI ​​will analyze and produce the final result. The accuracy of an AI is currently about 58% of that person's real personality.

While the current results of AI are not really breakthrough, it is still much better than the way people view vaguely about the personality of others.

Most notably, researchers claim that AI is better at predicting characteristics than humans. Humans are often better at accurately assessing the personality of a relative than a stranger. But the superiority of AI is that it can predict a person's personality even though AI has never met that person and it does not have a database of them.

The researchers expect that the AI ​​can be combined with online dating services or help companies sell products that match the personality of many customers. The team is currently considering the commercialization of this AI in the future.

For years psychologists have studied a person's personality through facial contours such as wrinkles or facial muscles as an indicator. But according to the authors, previous studies often have disadvantages because of inconsistent method, small sample or subjective judgment.

The research was recently published in Nature.

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