This cool t-shirt will make you invisible to AI

These psychedelic designs can be printed on t-shirts to fool identity identification systems.

In smart cities, people are always monitored through camera systems both in public or private places, and sales companies will offer products from our daily activities. But what if just a t-shirt can help you invisible to AI systems that always try to identify people?

A team at Northeastern University, IBM and MIT have developed a t-shirt design capable of hiding wearers from the image recognition system by deceiving algorithms.

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T-shirts are also the easiest way to get around without being monitored by AI systems.

These illusion designs , also known as a form of anti-AI technology , are capable of deceiving algorithms that identify objects that the object is not what it is looking for, or even causing the object. be completely invisible. In some models, the image design was edited a few parts just enough for AI to not read. People may not realize these changes, but the computer's recognition system is very effective. In 2017, researchers were able to fool the AI ​​that it saw was a gun, when in reality it was a turtle.

A T-shirt is also the simplest way to get around without being monitored by AI systems. Previously, researchers tried to create illusion images on cardboard stickers so that they would not deform when the wearer moved. However, if these images are bent, warped or partially lost, they will be completely useless.

And of course, no one would carry a cardboard sheet on their bodies when they were on the road and most would not come out with a face covered in makeup (unless somehow it became a new standard of the whole world. gender). Therefore, the researchers have overcome by turning the movement of the T-shirt when moving into an illusion image from the drawings on it. As a result, the wearer can move freely "almost" invisible to AI systems.

Such designs are unlikely to become popular and widely used, but in the context of many cities fighting against facial recognition technologies, it is possible that in the future there will be a super product. collaboration between Supreme and MIT to come up with a line of products that fool the automatic identification system, for example?

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