American students invent smart toaster

(A new student invention will help you bake your bread automatically according to the bread color you want, instead of using the same time as before.

A toaster that can bake with the correct maturity of the cake color was invented by a student."Hue" smart bread grill was designed by 21-year-old Basheer Tome.

A new type of toaster machine is fitted with a sensor to ensure that the bread inside is never burnt.

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When bread is put into the grill, an electronic screen on the computer displays the color of the slice.

A circular touch screen provides users with different shades of dark brown, diners can choose their brown toast and even show them the color it will be when cooked. .

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The toaster has a variety of color sensors inside that will check both sides of the cake and the baking equipment will operate until the cake accurately achieves the required color.

Although the toaster was just a design idea at this point, Basheer hoped producers would soon knock on his door to discuss mass production of toaster.

A number of cardboard prototypes have been tested. The final version is made of double aluminum, steel and glass paned.

Picture 3 of American students invent smart toaster

Picture 4 of American students invent smart toaster

Basheer, who invented the toaster at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, said: "The project began as a task to make the toaster oven easier to use."

"I found out that a transparent toaster is really a popular idea on the internet, but was never created due to a lot of practical problems."

That's because people don't trust their toaster and people can't see what's going on inside it.

The majority of grilled ovens are based on timed methods, but with very little consistency between brands, models, and different types of ovens, this makes the baking process difficult to meet. towel.

It is this that reminds the young Basheer Tome the idea of ​​a grill based on the color of the cake.

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