Apocalyptic clock announces the demise date coming soon

Researchers identify the world is approaching the end of the world with two biggest risks is and.

Scientists from the University of Chicago's American Journal of Atomic News (BAS) reported on January 24 that the world is at risk of apocalypse at 23:58 (only midnight two minutes). RT. This timeline represents the moment when the world was destroyed by nuclear weapons, dangerous technologies created by humans or natural disasters.

Picture 1 of Apocalyptic clock announces the demise date coming soon
Apocalyptic clocks were created by physicists in 1947 to warn of the risk of nuclear weapons.(Photo: iStock).

BAS representative said the main events this year made the apocalypse still near the midnight mark as the US president decided to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and announced to withdraw from the nuclear treaty with Russia since May. 2. "These are negative steps in the process of global nuclear disarmament ," the scientists said.

BAS also identified climate change as a factor that pushed the Earth closer to disaster. In the past two years, global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have tended to increase. Therefore, BAS recommends that countries cut emissions to avoid the most negative effects of climate change.

is a symbolic tool of the BAS board of 15 Nobel scholars, created in 1947 to warn the time of humanity nearing the end of destruction. This year, the apocalyptic clock remains the same as last year but the two-minute time is the closest distance of the apocalyptic clock since 1953 when the US and the Soviet Union conducted nuclear bomb tests.

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