Are rockets and ballets the same?

Many people think that missiles and ballistic are two different ways of calling a weapon, so what about the truth?

The boosters were not working as designed, Russia lost contact with the supply spacecraft

Hundreds of years ago there were rockets, and ballistics only appeared when the second world war was about to end.

A rocket is a flying object that takes advantage of the gas it spits out to create a propulsion that pushes it forward.

When the head of modern missiles carries explosives or atomic warheads, it turns into a weapon, and if the first part is fitted with scientific research instruments, it is a meteorological exploration rocket.

When combined with a spacecraft, it becomes a means of transporting spacecraft.

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Ballistics appeared at the end of the second world war. At that time, during the last struggle, the Nazis invented a "new weapon" respectively called "V-2" and "V-2". These two weapons have crossed the English Channel from continental English air strikes into London.

In fact, they are bombs, except that they carry the engine and the navigation system so that in the case of unmanned people still automatically fly to the target to strafe.

So this weapon is called the "ballistic", meaning that it can control and guide the ball.

So ballistic requires an engine, it can take advantage of a rocket engine, it can also take advantage of other air jet engines. Most ballistic engines use rocket engines, so some people have called both the names of missiles and ballistic. Actually should distinguish them.

Collected source: Book "10 thousand questions why - The mysterious universe", Hong Duc Publishing House.

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