Shoot rockets to solve the problem

To create rain, save the southwestern provinces, from March 22-23, China used dozens of flights, fired nearly 10,000 shells and 1,000 rockets into the sky of Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. , Sichuan, Guangxi and Chongqing.

Picture 1 of Shoot rockets to solve the problem

Children in Kunming City by the lake are still small due to drought caused - Photo: Reuters

The Chinese Meteorological Agency has used artificial cloud techniques to partially solve the drought situation in the area, especially in Yunnan province, which has helped to create drizzle and heavy rain. , Trinh Quoc Quang - director of China National Meteorological Administration - said.

The weather improvement project by creating artificial rain has been completed 3.6 million km2 across China, nearly one third of the country's area. The Meteorological Agency must use about 6,500 mortar shells and 6,000 rocket launchers for the project. However, Trinh added that despite the application of the technique, the drought situation in Guizhou province is still spreading.

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