Blood vessels cultured from skin cells

For the first time in the world, 2 Argentinian patients have been transplanted blood vessels raised from their own skin cells.

Picture 1 of Blood vessels cultured from skin cells

(Photo: CAND)

It is known that people often have to take blood vessels in their patients' legs or use blood vessels with synthetic materials to replace congested blood vessels. But the stage of artificial blood vessel transplantation suffers from multiple infections, and the patient's blood vessel quality sometimes does not meet replacement requirements.

Cytograft + Tissue Enginneering comes from a real need to invest in finding new ways to deliver blood vessels to patients. Currently, raising 1 blood vessel takes 6 to 9 months. In the future, the company hopes to accelerate the process of blood vessel culture.

Dr. Elizabeth Neibel, Director of the Heart Institute - Argentina National Lung, said that this is a promising method to save diabetic patients, patients with heterosexual abnormalities and patients must clear the heart.

According to the World Health Organization, every year about 800,000 surgeries require replacement of arteries and veins. Thanks to this new invention by Cytograft Company, patients have the right to hope to use quality blood vessels from their own skin cells.