Can you live in whale belly?

You've probably seen many movies as well as heard many stories about the whale adventure. Giant animals are even bigger than the house we live in. So what happens if you happen to be accidentally swallowed by a whale? Is it like what we imagine?

Find out the largest animal size on the planet

Now let's see the size of a whale. The blue whale is the largest of the whales, with an adult length of up to 30 meters and weighs 180,000 kg. Its tongue is as heavy as an Asian elephant.

Next to the sperm whales, they are smaller, but more terrifying, with sharp teeth. Large sperm whales can reach a length of 20.5 meters and weigh 51,000 kg. With such a large size, swallowing one person or even a group of people is not a big deal. But did that actually happen?

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Thrilling stories

Yes, not just in movies but there have been many articles in the world writing about these cases. The most famous of them all is the story of a man named James Bartley.

In 1891, Bartley was only 38 years old and a sailor. During their long voyage, the crew saw a large whale swimming off the coast of Falkland in South America. They drop a few boats equipped with weapons to hunt giant animals. But the small boat could not match the size of the whale and it capsized, the whale was also injured and died later.

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Most of the crew were rescued but the missing man was Mr. Bartley. By the next day, when his comrades picked up the whale, killed it and slaughtered the stomach, it was quite surprising, a man curled up in the stomach of the whale. That missing sailor. An extraordinary story, he seems to have survived 36 hours inside the whale.

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A story with thrilling stories causing a stir in the public opinion, accompanied by many questions was raised: ' Was James Bartley really swallowed by whales?'; 'Can he survive the whale belly for more than a day?' . Until now, there is no reliable evidence to prove that James Bartley's story is true.

So what actually happens when a whale is swallowed up from a scientific perspective?

No one can deny that a person can fit in a whale's mouth. But what happens after the oral cavity? If it's the Blue Whale (the species that eats only plankton) we don't even fit their esophagus and they will spit us out.

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But toothed whales are different from sperm whales and killer whales, which can swallow huge prey, bigger than us. If we can safely get past their sharp teeth, we will be taken to the whale's digestive system. Enzymes will burn your skin, if somehow you're still alive, you end up in the stomach, where the acid dissolves. Anyway, he died very fast because there was definitely no air inside a fish, only methane.

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One tip: Stay away from the whale's mouth . There was a video of a diver who accidentally approached his mouth when the whale ate and was almost devoured, the whale took half of her body, but luckily after struggling it was pulled out. But maybe others will not be so lucky, because the animals will often chew instead of spit.

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