China launches the first 100% automatic gas station

An outdoor gas station using fully automated refueling robots was put into operation on December 29 in southwestern China.

Picture 1 of China launches the first 100% automatic gas station
The robotic arms automatically refuel the vehicle.

The gas station developed by China National Petroleum Corporation is located on a highway to Lhasa airport in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Intelligent recognition technology, which combines 2D and 3D vision, provides the robot with precise positioning and movement, thereby adapting well to the parking range.

The engine arm and the fuel pump gun have a separate design and are supplemented with protection to prevent fire and potential safety problems during refueling, while ensuring the safety of personal property. core.

All core components of the robot have a localization rate of more than 90%, with resistance to low temperature, high altitude and strong ultraviolet rays.

Customers can activate the robot through the application with the push of a button without getting off the vehicle or making contact when using the service.

The launch of the first fully automated group gas station in Xinjiang marks a new stage in the development and application of the China National Petroleum Corporation's refueling robot.