Coming to the 2nd sun, the world is about to end?

The second largest star in the constellation Orion - Betelgeuse will likely turn into a second sun before 2012, making many people think of the prophecy of 'Doomsday'.

Dr. Brad Carter, senior lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland Physics, said that the star Betelgeuse is losing weight in the center and will most likely explode while moving to create a light extremely strong equivalent to the sun.

Dr. Carter also said that when this giant star explodes, it will create a terrible source of energy, the earth will not be available for several weeks. However, there is no certainty about when the supernova exploded. It may be tomorrow or maybe 1 million years.

Many argue that supernovae may explode as a testament to the Mayan calendar's prediction about the end of the world in 2012.

Picture 1 of Coming to the 2nd sun, the world is about to end?
Best picture of supernova Betelgeuse (Photo: Rense)

However, according to Dr. Carter, the supernova exploded will provide many resources that benefit human life.

' When this star starts to make a loud bang, the first thing we see is a rain of tiny particles of particles called neutrinos. In addition, when it explodes it can fire metal atoms such as gold, silver and many other heavy metals such as uranium . ', Dr. Carter said.

Betelgeuse is known as the biggest young star in the universe. Although newly formed a few million years ago, it has a diameter of 1,000 times and a mass of 15 times that of the sun. The star is now 640 light years away from the earth.

So we can absolutely confirm that, although this star has an explosion, it will not affect much on the earth. ' It will explode, that is of course. But it's too far to ruin the earth , 'Dr. Carter said.

He also analyzed that the supernova of Betelgeuse could create a large black hole about 1,300 light years from Earth or create a neutron star.

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