Common diseases can become

Common diseases can become

Common diseases can become "assassins" in the "post-antibiotic" world. That is a warning of Professor Cheryl Jones of the University of Melbourne in the article published in the Australian Journal of Medicine on April 17.

According to Professor Jones, the case of a woman in the US dying from an antibiotic resistant to the last antibiotics may signal an era of " post-antibiotic" , in which antibiotic resistance (AMR ) spread.

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When entering the "post-antibiotic" era, even common diseases cannot be treated.

This means that common diseases will not be treatable. Professor Jones warns that this scenario, if it happens, will affect all areas of health, such as simple infectious diseases in children that can threaten their lives, a major surgery. synonymous with high mortality rates, cancer chemotherapy and organ transplantation will no longer be possible.

Although the Australian Federal Government is enacting measures to limit antibiotic use in the country, Ms Jones thinks Canberra needs more effort in surveillance of the virus, a potentially contagious disease. Completely resist antibiotics that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers one of the biggest threats to public health.

In the context that Australia is among the countries with the highest rate of antibiotic use in the world, Ms. Jones said that the Australian Government should give top priority in setting out a series of authentic actions against Each of these factors causes antibiotic resistance, coordination between agriculture and human and animal health care.

The Australian Medical Association has called for the establishment of Australia's National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, similar to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.