Demons - mystical creatures disturbing mountain forests

The appearance of this mysterious creature is the obsession of many North American residents .

This is considered one of the famous mystical creatures of America, but unlike Big Foot (Yeti Snowman), the appearance and obsession of this creature stretches on an extremely large land .

Demons in North America

The first reports appeared in 1934 about a dangerous animal that was continuously seen in Pittsburgh, Tennessee. According to witnesses, when exploring in the forest, they saw an animal moving across the face with lightning speed.

Picture 1 of Demons - mystical creatures disturbing mountain forests
Demon drawing from the description of witnesses

It quickly jumped on the tree to the surprise of many people, the height of this jump was up to 4m. According to the description, this creature has silvery white and gray fur, with a thick mane of hair, a face resembling baboons, but its body size is much larger, almost 2m long.

In 1959, driver Boyd in Saltville, while driving his daughter and his wife through the mountain to enter town was attacked by strange creatures. From the tree, a giant baboon suddenly jumped into Boyd's car, banging on the roof repeatedly, Boyd frantically, crashing into the curb.

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Describe the size of the Demon in the description of the witness

He called out to the police in panic, but when everyone was present, the monkey-shaped creature disappeared. On the roof of the car left a lot of holes that proved the extraordinary health of the beast. Boyd's daughter recalls in a panic: 'It has silvery-white fur, its face is like a monkey's, but it stands on two legs like a human, its mouth makes horrible sounds.'

A few days after the event, two nurses in the Saltville area when driving home also encountered the 'giant monkey' crossing the street. In the dark night, the 2 girls observe the animal and discover that they are very strange. Instead of running them, jumping step by step with two hind legs, the front legs twisting up to form a straightened posture. After the animal disappeared in the dark night, a sound like howling wolves of the forest rang out horribly.

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Excited by information about strange creatures, two scientists Rene Dahinden and John Green decided to explore the dense forest around Saltville. During the field trip, both of them gathered a lot of evidence about the existence of the monster: the remains of the forest animals were spared to nearly ten meters tall trees including many large animals such as deer, wild boars . On the side Next to these forest animals, two scientists also found some white feathers and footprints separated from each other .

In 1973, naturalist Loren Coleman published a survey. Many farmers in Albany, Kentucky had lost their cattle, and the garden was destroyed by a baboon-like animal. Coleman then teamed up with Animal Planet to make a report on the mysterious creature above.

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Demons have an extremely scary appearance

In 1979, a series of witnesses saw a giant monkey standing upright in the Booger ring road area, rural Georgia. A female witness described: "This is the worst animal I have ever seen, it has a tail, monkey face crossed the dog but standing straight like a human, it does not go but jumps at a very fast pace". The press immediately pushed the story onto the front page and gave the monster a name: the Devil Monkey (or Demon Lord).

From here, Demons have been recorded in the US everywhere in North America, even in very cold areas like Alaska. Most reports describe a monster attacking animals on farms near the forest.

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The cruel creature carries a face of baboons, giant bodies, legs with long claws, small ears, bad eyes, fast movements and high jumps. Many people spend time searching for demons and discovering an interesting thing, every place this creature appears around the Appalachian Mountains. This is a wild, dangerous area and there are many mysteries with people.

The most recent record was on January 12, 2006, but unlike the previous times, demons were present in the industrial city of Chicago. Many witnesses discovered this animal had torn the poor dog's body. After the action, demons jump quickly into the forest before everyone's fear. People described it as having bright eyes, white fur, standing upright like a human but with a dog-like face, and a very long tail.

Explanation of science

Many scientists believe that the animal many people see is the North American wolf. This species is very popular, large in number, large in shape and very agile, with narrow, pointed ears like baboons. North American Wolves know how to stand on two legs to pretend to be human, then jump step by step like kangaroo.

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North American wolves are top suspects for demons

This carnivorous animal is very resourceful, very intriguing, is a daring, smart hunter who has a very good adaptability. So despite facing human development, North American wolves continue to thrive today. This may explain why demons are witnessed in so many places.

North American wolves have complex community lifestyles, when they are old, or have an infectious disease that automatically separates and attacks people. Historically, many residents here have been able to capture huge North American wolves attacking masses like sheep and goats.

North American wolves are also known as one of the most impressive howling species of the North American continent. This species does not bark like a domestic dog but only sounds very far away, sounding terrifying and scary. This howl has the effect of attracting partners and terrifying the opponent.

More importantly, in the Chicago area, for North American wolves to number hundreds, even more than a thousand wolves live in vacant areas around here. Wolves are everywhere, including in parks or industrial parks or alternating between residential and commercial areas.

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They can stand on two feet and jump away very far from a Kangaroo

According to researcher Mark Hall, demons are just a variant of vampire stories. Newspapers have contributed to inflating these urban legends that haunt many people. In the dark, in the deserted place, they mistook the wolves into formidable demons.

But the explanation does not prevent many people from exploring. They believe that this is a completely new species and the discovery of it is only a matter of time. Many websites were created for everyone to share and learn about demons. Even every year many individuals and organizations participate in scouring the Appalachian mountain forest in hopes of finding this mysterious creature.

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