Detect creatures with the fastest eyes on the planet

Famous for its oversized pincers, gun shrimp has also been discovered by researchers to have the fastest eyes on the planet.

Research published in the journal Biology Letters revealed that these tiny animals have extremely fast vision, which can constantly change up to 160 times per second.

Picture 1 of Detect creatures with the fastest eyes on the planet
Gun shrimp are creatures with the fastest eyes in the animal kingdom.

To test the ultra-fast vision of gun shrimp, the researchers used thin wires to record electrical impulses coming from the eyes of the shrimp shrimp Alpheus heterochaelis and sought to set the sampling rate of the figure, which was used to describe how often the eye can refresh its vision to create an image not blurred by motion, measured in Hertz (Hz).

They exposed the crustaceans to the flashing light and tracked their reactions, which showed that they had a sampling rate of at least 160 Hz , meaning that gun shrimp had the fastest eye sampling ever. described in aquatic animals.

This type of high-speed vision is beneficial for animals in identifying obstacles or fast-moving targets in complex environments and is a common feature in flying animals.

Pigeons are considered to have one of the faster sampling rates in the animal kingdom, but they do not even reach the shrimp's visual speed with a relatively modest sample rate of 143 Hz. However, compare this to humans who have a sampling rate of only 60 Hz.

The researchers believe that this feature is a hunting adaptation, which is a fast-moving animal, helping them to detect small objects clearly moving through their sight despite the busy environment. busy and complicated about the structure in which they live.

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