Discover the secret room in the mountain

Mount Rushmore is a famous mountain, where the faces of 4 US presidents have been carved.

Mount Rushmore is a famous mountain, where the faces of 4 US presidents have been carved. It contained a secret room, which contained the documents of the history of the United States sent to the future thousands of years later.

Rushmore is one of America's proud sculpture masterpieces, attracting many visitors. It is the site of the faces of four US presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Many tourists still think that this mountain is simply . a mountain and few people know that it contains a secret in the past decades.

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Because on the precipice carved the faces of four US presidents, many visitors gave Rushmore a more memorable name than the Face of the Mountain.(Photo: Ausnew).

According to The Sun, inside Mount Rushmore contains a secret room . Since this announcement, adventurous movie enthusiasts believe that around this famous mountain are hidden things that cannot be disclosed, and certainly "conspiracy theory" is not only fiction.

Today, visitors can easily find this secret room behind the head of President Abraham Lincoln and designed as a monument - a place to tell you a full history of life and long-term American.

This huge stone sculpture is located in South Dakota, built between 1927 and 1941. The creator of this masterpiece is the father and son of the artist Gutzon Borglum and Lincol Borglum.

Initially, Gutzon felt that creating a work on a giant mountain to describe America's history was too complicated, so he hesitated with his intentions. Instead, he asked the government for permission to create a secret room, which holds documents related to American history and was approved. However, Gutzon died before building this room.

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The secret room in this mountain is the place to record important documents about American history, so that after thousands of years, people in the future will open up and learn more about America in our time.(Photo:

The ceramic bas-reliefs have recorded many documents concerning the important historical moment of the United States, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the main biography of Gutzon Borglum placed in one. Woody Box. All were placed in a titanium case and locked. This action means that, thousands of years later, when people in other civilized times will open up and be able to learn about the age in which we live.

Today, visitors to Rushmore can visit this mysterious room, but it is considered a difficult place to come because of their dangerous position.

Mount Rushmore is a national memorial, near Keystone, South Dakota. On the top of the mountain is a sculpture, recreating four American presidential faces: Lincoln Borglum, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt. The entire memorial area covers an area of ​​5.17 km 2 and is 1,745m above sea level.

Although the original idea was to sculpt the four presidents from the beginning to the waist, but due to lack of funding, the carving work ended in 1941.

The National Park Service Center began managing the memorial zone in 1933 when the work was still in progress and still managed until today. Every year it attracts about 2 million visitors.

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