Discovering the legendary gold mine worth USD 1.7 billion?

This is a gold mine in the mountains of northern Utah with an estimated value of up to $ 1.7 billion that was discovered by Spanish priests in 1650.

Mr. Gary Holt, a treasure hunter believed that he and his son found the Josephine de Martinque gold mine at the peak of Hoyt in the Uinta mountains. The Park Recod newspaper said explorers are now seeking permission from the federal government to study further.

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The "goldite" rock that Mr. Holt believes will be sold for hundreds of millions of dollars

Historically, legendary Josephine is considered the most valuable gold mine in the world. This gold mine was first known in the Spanish priest's document in 1650. Three decades later, priests were forced to abandon their intentions when Spaniards were expelled from New Mexico territory. in the Pueblo Indian uprising revolution in 1680. The exact location of the gold mine also lost sight of it.

American archaeologists think it's a myth and adventurers only discover a natural cave.

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Brandon Holt, photo and his father Gary Holt believe that he has found the legendary gold mine in the world

Talking in The Park Record newspaper, Mr. Holt said there was still no gold found in the cave but he was not discouraged. According to the treasure hunter, he had a mining license and earned hundreds of millions from calcite crystals. When sold on the market with the name "goldite" will be valuable as a gem.

Archaeologist Tom Flanagan said the Josephine gold legend in northeastern Utah is not true. "If I really have a gold mine in Uintas Mountain, I have become a rich man. Many treasure hunters will be localized to find and exploit."